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The Charleston Air Force Base International Airport (CHS) aircraft: Our aircraft are all well maintained and flown by the most experienced crew. If you charter an Elite Air aircraft, you have the service of a world-class fleet management company that works for you. Fleet charter If you charter with us, you will not only be restricted to the few airport serving the airline companies, but we will link you with the airline companies where and when it is comfortable for you. Every one of our planes is able to operate securely on short take-off and landing strips, so we can help you schedule your journey and use more comfortable airport facilities.

Corporate journeys, which previously required journeys lasting up to several nights with accommodation costs, can often be carried out in a matter of a few hour. Maine, known as Vacationland, is home to several favourite year-round holiday resorts, among them: Harbor Rockland, Islesboro Rangeley/Sugarloaf and Northern Maine ("The County"). However, travelling to Maine can be exhausting. Take the opportunity of your flight's down time to savour a high-quality, professional menu from our catering service.

No matter if it's just a cheese/cracker plate, a flask of vine or even crispy bread roll (made with hand-picked Maine lobster!) - if you want it, it will wait for you on the plane when we collect you!

1 Air Charter Company - Bahamas, Cuba & Caribbean

Since 1987 Air Flight offers a secure, dependable and professionally chartered charter company from Florida in the United States and the Caribbean... Specialized in the Bahamas, Cuba and Turks & Caicos. Aero Flight own and operate dual engined aeroplanes with the capability to serve both small and large airlines.

For those who need to send large parcels, incorporating home goods and construction material, or time-critical parts or gear to homeowners, resort operators, companies and boat owner, Air Flight offers freight solution. It is a secure and dependable carrier with an outstanding track record when it comes to security. We are an on-demand charter company prepared to fly you to your destinations at short notice! Your flight is on the move!

Mr. Chris directs the operation of Air Flight and oversees the experiences and knowledge acquired from his aerospace careers with USAF and Delta Airlines, which include Safety Officer, Chief of Training, Antarctica Instructor Pilot, Presidential Support Pilot and Delta Airlines 737 Pilot. No matter whether you're travelling to the Caribbean for a holiday with your whole host of families, a gorgeous marriage, a yacht charter, sailing, a diving expedition or just going to the island to relax and unwind, you'll find that our charter services are the ideal solution for your holiday needs!

You will be surprised how cheap it can be to rent your own personal airplane! Fly Charter - Why it? The choice of a privately-owned aeroplane can have many benefits over the traditional pay-per-seat airlines: Chartering a privately owned airplane can be cheaper if you split the costs of the airplane with a group of your mates!

Privately owned aircraft are ideal for carrying large objects into your holiday home, angling or diving, shooting photos, marriages and more! Tailor-made departures = more holiday season! Shuttle service free of charge from the central termin. Fast, personal and professionally support by our staff! We' ll put them in storage and have them waiting for your plane!

We can fulfil your individual wishes for your purchase! Free ice chilled coronas, soda and soda on every trip! Animals are also passenger, at Air Aero! Caperge Services: Personnel Purchasing - Avoid slowing down your holiday and let us do the grocery shopping for you! They will be collected and packed so that they are available for you when you arrive!

Online buying for your holiday or your apartment? We' ll keep them for you and have them waiting for your plane! Autoservice - Let us make your transport agreements for you. Our relationships are with professionals in limousine and automobile servicing.

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