4 Seater Aircraft for Sale

4-seater aircraft for sale

Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a four-seater, single engine, fixed wing aircraft of the company Cessna Aircraft. On this page you will not find any information and you will learn why the next step is the actual acquisition cost of the aircraft itself. Sling 4 Turbo is the perfect aircraft for the do-it-yourselfer looking for an affordable DIY four seat aircraft. By 2014, Pilot helped over 80 advertisers sell their aircraft or shares. By 2014, Pilot helped over 80 advertisers sell their aircraft or shares.


This is the ultimative secure, affordably priced, appealing and powerful sports aircraft with 2+1 seats. Who' s got this name? Do all the devices and components work perfectly? Have you bought a new one? Did the car ever have an accident? Repair costs, Are there damages to the car? Was the car ever painted? Is the name " recovery " or " reconstruction "?

The Electric Sun Flyer 4 goes from two to four-seaters.

Sun Flyer, the two-seater electrical aircraft, said it has added a few places and we can't believe we just skipped it! The addition of two places in an aircraft with spark-ignition motor (ICE) could receive a series or two in a journal of the aeronautical sector, but one does this with an electrical aircraft and it becomes a landmark suitable for a wide media.

Sun Flyer is now piloting its broader electrical airliner as it moves from stage 2 to stage 4. Sun Flyer 2 was initially developed for two seating positions and Sun Flyer 4 is the next member of the Sun Flyer series. The Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology is the first flying academy to have deposited a security for a Sun Flyer 4 and is excited early on.

Sun Flyer 2, the two-seater Sun Flyer, is the first FAA approved all-electric training aircraft to FAR Part-23. Its new four-seater, the Sun Flyer 4, will accurately track the certifications of the two-seater model with some of the Sun Flyer's genuine specifications, a 46-inch cab width, a 38-foot wing span, a balistic rescue system and a total of 2,700 pounds with a full 800-pound load capacity for pilots and occupants.

The Spartan College claim to have 25 down payments for the Sun Flyer 2 and is the first flying college to give a down payment for a Sun Flyer 4. The Spartan will design a full range education system for the Sun Flyer aircraft range, which will include a course program for aircraft and engine engineers who will be given special electrical service schooling.

So far, Sun Flyer has made 10 more payments to Spartan College. Sun Flyer is expected to be the first FAA-certified, U.S.-sponsored, convenient, all-electric aircraft to service the flying education and general aviation market. Low running costs, low aircraft costs per piece, low levels of aircraft acoustic emissions and the removal of fumes are its main characteristics.

The costs for electrical power or "fuel" for Sun Flyer are many times lower than the hourly costs for a reciprocating motor. With the two-seater setup, the TCO per hours is $16 versus $88. 31 hours for a Cessna 172. Sun Flyer 2 arrives at a 21. That also gives him a 3 hours flying time.

The four-seater, where innovation continues, has a TCO of $19.80 perhour compared to 122 per second for a Cessna 182. Electrical aircraft meet the ever-increasing and strict regulations for aircraft traffic at minor aerodromes. At the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh the Sun Flyer 2 was exhibited. Which is the Sonnenflyer & the Aero Electr. Aircraft Corp.?

Aircraft Corp. of Aero Electrical. AEAC was founded in February 2014 with the goal of developing and producing the two-seater "Sun Flyer" as a fully FAA FAR 23 aircraft. The company is further developing its Sun Flyer electrical series. The objective is to service the general public in general aeronautics and the aircraft education services as well.

This year, many electrical cars went up in the sky. These start-up businesses, from Zunum and Lilium to aEro, are attracting a great deal of interest from airport and large aircraft manufacturers. The Sun Flyer is pleased to participate in the small electrical aircraft contest and we look forward to more good corporate information.

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