Fighter Jet Joy Flights

Combat Aircraft Jet Joy Flights

The Top Gun Experience Your own top shot adventure - an L-39 jet in California near Los Angeles. Once your adventure trip has been authorized and payed for, your pilots will be waiting for you at the airport at the scheduled date. To make the top shot feeling total, you need to be wearing a NOMEX flying suit like Maverick!

In the changing room you will find flying suit and helmet in all shapes and sizes, so that you will find a suitable one easy. You will want to make sure that the fighter jet adventure is both exciting and secure, so that an important practice session will ensue. Prior to the actual trip, you'll find out what it will take to turn a top shot into the safest possible trip.

This is a go-kart, not a go-kart, so there are a number of regulations that must be followed in order to keep the combat aircraft adventure secure. The L-39's superb styling means you'll have great visibility even during your combat jet adventure - the back deck is higher than the front, so you'll actually see above your aviator.

Prior to the actual flying, your pilots will teach you the aircraft's system to ensure that you know what is going on during your flying time. As soon as everything is clear, your hood is shut and the pilots enter his dashboard. He will then conduct the final testing with the Ground Team from there - your top shot adventure is about to begin!

Her top shot flying skills are actually a standard combat flying skill. During your pilot's manoeuvres, you'll be able to throw the winner, take turns, make turns and more, and subject the plane to high forces. Owing to the crews communications system you can continually tell about your feelings, so that the pilots can adapt the flying programme directly.

At the end of your trip there will be enough free space for a conversation with the pilots and a summary of the trip. Allow your friend to take souvenir photos of you, the pilots and the airplane. And where does this Top Gun experience take place? Flights are approximately 40 nautical miles due west of Los Angeles.

Our flying programme contains the following manoeuvres: It'?s your pilot: Every jet fighter aircraft we arrange in California is operated by a former MiG-29 instructor from the United States. You will be sent your pilots information after your request has been accepted. Qualifying criterias for a flight: In order to register for a specific airfare, select a airfare programme below and click on "Register now!

Next, please fill in information about yourself and your previous aviation experiences (if any) so that the crews can check and make a decision on your request. Simply select the one you like best from the below airline programmes and submit your resume. We' ll contact you soon to verify the booking.

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