City Taxi Toronto

Toronto City Taxi

Who we are The top priorities of City Tax are you, our client. More than 30 years of taxi business expertise, City Taxi's professionals, skilled personnel and executive teams work together to deliver the best possible client support. Offering the highest levels of taxi services in Toronto and the GTA.

It is our aim to make City Taxi the first port of call when selecting a taxi business in Toronto. No matter if you need a taxi to the Toronto Airport or anywhere else, we will get you there quickly and securely. With our outstanding client support, City Taxi is the number 1 driver that so many customers have chosen.

Excellence in services not only emerges, but also demands commitment, devotion and Accountability. With City Taxi we have our own staff that makes this possible. With City Taxi it is no mystery what has led to our success: our client satifaction. Simply and simply, the old saying of the clients expects "SERVICE, SERVICE, Service, SERVICE" applies.

Establishing client retention was a continual improvement of our services. Progress in our technologies has always been oriented towards our clients. However proud we are of the technological advances we have made, it means nothing if we loose track of the fact that our clients are genuine human beings with genuine aspirations.

There is still a very personal aspect to our taxi services that we have never overlooked. City Taxi is well aware of this fact, from our driver to our call center employees and managers, and together we aim to create the best possible experiences for all our clients.

City Taxi, the Toronto taxi operator, has been an Toronto taxi market leader for over 30 years. The best taxi services in Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Vaughan and the GTA. We are a taxi operator in Toronto where the customer comes first.

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