Air Taxi Association

The Air Taxi Association

The Air Taxi Association launches with the support of the main providers of air taxis It will bring together the air taxi industries and offer a range of products and solutions to meet the needs of corporate airlines for air transport at a price that is more in line with the needs of their customers. Key air taxi operators on the Air Taxi Association Directive Committee are DayJet, Earthjet, ImagineAir, JetBird, JumpJet, Linear Air, TaxiJet Spain and SATSair, among other major air taxi operators.

Dr Bruce Holmes, directeur de la recherche aéronautique chez DayJet, est également président du conseil d'administration d'ATXA, fungieren. Holmes, who is described as the ancestor of the air taxi business, was a research engineer at NASA for more than 30 years, where he managed the strategy for the Langley Research Center, where he invested $700 million and over 4,000 individuals.

The members of the Air Taxi Association are developed to supplement current air transport organisations and infrastructures and will provide important commercial standard-setting. ATXA will also work with tech vendors and partners to develop guidelines that will help the aspiring industries. The company will also have a single focal point on improving relationships with the general airline community, as the taxi operators provide supplementary service via under-utilised alternate highways.

In order to increase business demands, the Atomic Energy Exchange (ATXA) will work with tailor-made advisory support to municipalities and companies to help them bring air taxi operations to their area. It will analyse the concrete commercial developments and the advantages in terms of return on investment of complementary indirect activities. Specific distribution and merchandising activities are also offered to members of the Atomic Energy Exchange and related organisations.

Joe Leader, an authority on next generations very lightweight aircraft and air taxi, with the world's first economics doctorate on these topics, worked with sector executives to form the Air Taxi Association and is now its President. Bringing more than a decade of leadership experiences in entrepreneurs hip and multi-billionaire businesses, Leader will use the combined skills of his career and academia to bridge the gap in the sector.

Air Taxi and VLJ Impact on the Future of Business Travel will be released and will be available through on-line stores on September 30, 2009, among them, uk, Borders, Target and Walden Books. Leader will deliver the keynote speech at the Very Light Jet - Europe on Thursday 28 June.

The ATXA will take place in Vienna, Austria, where it will attract new members from across Europe. MIU Event's two-day VeryLightJet - Europe event will cover all aspects of the upcoming market for very lightweight jets and air taxis from a Europe-wide point of view. Leaders speeches will show how the next generations air taxi industries will profit from higher returns, shared infrastructures and faster pace of expansion.

For more information on how the industry-leading Air Taxi Association was formed, visit For more information on the Very Light Jets - Europe exhibition, please visit

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