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UK air taxi company picks up the pace, driven by the progress of F1 motorsport. Ovo Energy's six major UK power companies challengers Stephen Fitzpatrick, founding partner of Ovo Energy, said his new business will use F1 race experience to construct Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) electrical airplanes. As its self-financed Bristol-based airline is known, Vertical Aerospace is aiming to provide short-haul and cross-country services that carry a number of pilot pilots within four years, Fitzpatrick said.

Founded in 2016, the company has recruited 28 experienced aviation, space and engineering professionals from Airbus, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Martin Jetpack and GE with broad expertise in the construction of certificated airliners. Contrary to most technology, aviation and space and automotive companies' aviation project, which have spurred people's imaginations by attempting to convert airplanes into pilots-less, stand-alone cars, Vertical believe that they can address regulative and security issues by providing pilot-operated, fixed-installation airplanes that benefit from existing innovation.

The Vertical wants to fly to some of the world's most overloaded airways with planes that don't need a runway but have enough weight to fly up to 800 km (500 miles), Fitzpatrick said in an interviewer. "We' re putting all our money into technological development in the aviation and space industries, but we' re trying to put it to work on something that is real-world and that can be done four years later," said the Vertical Aero Space company our founding director.

Contenders working towards the introduction of stand-alone airplanes at the beginning of the next century include the aviation and space travel superpower Airbus, Uber, which is designing an inner-city taxi car squadron, Volocopter, which is piloting unmanned aerial vehicles similar to a small 18-rotor chopper, and AeroMobil, which has a stretched sedan design that can be transformed into a fixed-wing plane.

According to verticals, it had carried out a test mission of an one-horse pilot solo aircraft at Gloucestershire International Airfield in the West of England in June after receiving a permit to fly from the British Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). With its four cadres, the capsule is designed for more demanding tasks.

She is preparing to make a rigid, pilot-operated multi-passenger variant of her perpendicular take-off plane. There will work with regulatory authorities to obtain accreditation in the first phase of the air taxi projects until 2022, it said. At a later stage Verttical will try to broaden the reach of the plane, introducing features of stand-alone flying and increasing the number of charter it can operate.

Belfast Fitzpatrick is proud to develop commercial concepts in areas where he has no engineering backgrounds from the start. Mr Fitzpatrick said it dawns on him that many advancements in race cars also apply to airplanes, from powerful electrical battery packs to hybrids, lightweight structure fabrics such as coal fibre and of course airplane styling.

"As Fitzpatrick said, the formula 1 racing technologies we used were simply too sophisticated to apply to the challenge of the traditional streetster.

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