Solihull Private Hire Licence

Private Hire License for Solihull Individuals

Solihull Licensing's latest tweets (@SolLicensing). Rental private driving licence If you do not provide complete information on past convictions or precautions, your request may be rejected. So if you have any precautions or sentences that you have or haven't taken and can't recall the data or sentences you've obtained, you should go to your nearest law enforcement agency and ask for a copy of the National Computer Security Policy (PNC).

One of the most important information resources to be consulted when a review of the Disclosure and Blocking Unit is carried out is the national police computer. A national police computer shall keep indeterminate record of a person's beliefs and precautions, which shall be disclosed in a disclosure and revocation investigation. They can get a clear picture of the recruitment procedure.

As soon as you have passed the test, your certification is binding for 12 month. A fee may be charged by your family doctor for this treatment. In order to make an appointment, please click here to get an appointment for a private rental license. 00 a.m. to send in your job interview. They must have finished the registration procedure within 3 month (unless there are extraordinary circumstances), otherwise it will be aborted.

You must file an on-line DBS notification (after clicking the hyperlink, type LICTEA in the Organizational References field and leaving the Password field blank) before submitting a new request to the Approval Authority or renewing your ID. Perform all necessary procedures and at the end of the procedure make a list of the references you will receive.

This should be your pass if you have one, a driver's license with photo card and at least 2 of the following items: a current tax return from the council. Please note that we no longer tolerate the use of hard copy request form for disclosures. Although we no longer need the equivalent of your driver's license on hard copy, we still have to verify whether you are entitled to travel and whether you have a driver's license.

The DVLA website must provide you with a verification key that allows us to verify the validity of your driver's license. We' ve written a tutorial on how to get a verification number. Two failures will result in your resume being canceled, and you will not be able to reapply for 12 consecutive years.

The following documents are available to you if you have a private rental driver's license: You must inform us in written form if you are the owner of a license and a relocation addres. It is also necessary to make sure that you receive an up-to-date driver's license from the DVLA.

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