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The Yellow Cab is the taxi operator in Ft Collins, Loveland and Greeley. Now call to arrange for immediate pick-up. The Rochester Yellow Cab Taxi Service.

Westminster Taxi - Affordable taxi service with yellow cabin

If you are coming to Westminster to shop for a whole afternoon at the iconic Little Saigon or just want to take a taxi, call Westminster Yellow Cab. If you call us at 714 244-7925, we will be there immediately and our chauffeurs will always be polite. Call us again at 714-244-7925.

Our driver services ensure that you are the passengers and can enjoy a relaxing holiday. Our riders are all acquainted with the Westminster area and we know the side roads and abbreviations of the area to help you safe valuable travel times. We' ll clear the room in your head that would have gone to drive, and instead we can now continue to present your winner presentations or another jobseting.

And we will release more of you to do what you want to do the most. Taxi cabs sometimes have long waiting times, but we pledge to keep your waiting times to a minimum and you will always be on schedule, provided you call us one hours before your date.

It takes into consideration the amount of travel hours, which can be varied, the waiting period required to bring our taxi drivers to your doorstep. You can also travel to the Long Beach International or John Wayne Air Port or LAX International airports. The Westminster Yellow Cab can get you there quickly and effectively.

Request a calling car from your rider so that you can put us in your Rolfodex and always recall us when you are travelling or just want to indulge in a spoiled non-vehicle drive. At Westminster Taxi we only hire good performance and all our taxi operators have done their own backgrounds to protect you.

For over 20 years, Westminster Cab Service has been servicing Westminster residents and why not even those thousand who have come to discover our long-standing success story: Service, efficiency, short waiting times and reasonable prices. The Westminster Taxi Cab will be there for you when you need it most. Please do yourself a favour and take some spare moments for us by phoning us.

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