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Members of the Plan are eligible to earn miles at participating locations worldwide. An Alaska Airlines announcement of major San Diego Airport rollout The Alaska Airlines Group is aggressively expanding along the West Coast. Latest news comes from San Diego, where the company unveiled six new non-stop flights on Thursday. Alaska Airlines' new services continue its ongoing effort to expand in San Diego, where it has recently added new services to Baltimore and the Californian towns of Sacramento, San Jose and Santa Rosa.

"Over the past five years, Alaska Airlines has outgrown any other airline in San Diego, with 18 additional non-stop flights and almost twice as many departure seats," says John Kirby, Alaska Airlines VP of Scheduling, in a comment. Each new route will be served by 66-seater Embraer E175 aircraft owned and operated by Alaska Airlines' local airlines.

San Diego announcements come just a weeks after Alaska Airlines announces 13 new flights from two San Francisco Bay Area destinations, calling it "the biggest individual new arrival in its story. Alaska Air is also continuing its efforts to strengthen its California operations, where it had already become a major actor following the takeover of San Francisco-based Virgin America.

Completed in December, this transaction immediately made Alaska Air one of the largest airlines in California and throughout the West Coast. Already operating hub operations in Seattle and Portland, Ore., Alaska Air was present at several California destinations, such as Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose.

Virgin America gives Alaska Airlines direct entry to the airline's San Francisco and Los Angeles hub. Alaska Airlines has also established its own footprint throughout California and has been driving expansion at current base locations such as Los Angeles and San Diego, while expanding flight plans at smaller locations such as Burbank and Orange County.

Alaska Airlines and Virgin America will initially remain operating under their own trademarks. As Alaska Air CEO Brad Tilden has already said, the airline is considering whether to pursue this setup or merge the airlines into a unified airline name. For San Diego, browse down to find out the starting times for Alaska Airlines' new routes:

There will be a return service every day from 18 October. Austin: A return round the clock service starts on 27 August. There will be a return service on 15 December. There will be a return service every day from 18 November. There will be a return service on 27 August. There will be a return service on 15 December.

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