Alaska Airlines Seattle to Anchorage

Seattle Alaska Airlines to Anchorage

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Bare passengers force reversal of Alaska Airlines flights

A Alaska Airlines' flight from Anchorage to Seattle was compelled to make a turn on Wednesday because of an annoying nude passenger, officers said. Bare passengers shall have taken off all their clothing and shall have declined to follow the orders of the aircrew. "Alaska Airlines Flug 146 from Anchorage to Seattle reverted to Anchorage because a customer did not follow cabin crews' orders.

Although no emergencies were explained, the airline made the final choice to go back to Anchorage," the airline spokesman said. FBI and air traffic control were present at the airfield just after the aircraft arrived in Anchorage. Another airline passanger on the trip, Kate Danyluk, said she knew something was going on because the cabin crew in the corridors were going back and forth using elastic mitts.

"Danyluk said, "The cops came and took him out the back way. "They came and took him out the back door."

Bare man walking down the hallway of Seattle-Anchorage with Alaska Airlines.

The former Alaska senior Johnny Ellis took a look at the Puget Sound on Monday.... Ellis smiles on a Twitter picture as the Cascade Mountains rise in the back. On the Alaska Airlines 107 to Anchorage later that date his opinions on flights were less so. One of the people who saw a man rip down the hallway screaming and screaming and waving as he descended was Ellis, a nude man who caused excitement before he was attacked by the men and put in a closet, Ellis later said on Twitter.

Alaska Airlines said in a declaration that the plane had " without incidents " arrived, with prosecution authorities going on board the plane at the gates to hold the man back. Twitter, Ellis said: As Ellis said in a following teet, air travellers were speculating that the man's dad was one of the "2 big boys" who attacked him.

{\pos (192,210)}Ellis didn't immediately send back a query for a statement. Robert texted on Twitter: Ellis, a Democrat who resigned the Alaska Senate in 2016 after three centuries in power, was recently given treatment for prostatic carcinoma and a diagnosis of MS. However, he remained implicated in state policy, often twittering to help fund government educational programs, and in April he had a meeting with Alaska Gov. Bill Walker, a Republican.

When the situation had settled and the airplane had touched down, Ellis was waiting for a chair and was the penultimate out of the airplane, he said on Twitter.

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