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Employees of the carrier crashed stolen plane near Seattle after a wild ride.

A Alaska Air Group Inc. worker stolen a turbo-prop aircraft from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Friday evening before it crashed on a near-by isle, government agencies and the corporation said. Said the airline said it thought that a ground handling operative hired by Alaska subsidiary Horizon Air took the aircraft and that there were no passenger or crews on it except that one.

Approximately 20.00 PDT the airplane was taken out of a service area and was not intended for a passengers trip according to the enterprise. Sheriff Paul Pastor said he was informed that the airplane had been hijacked by a 29-year-old Pierce County resident. When Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor said that the airplane had been hijacked, he was informed that the airplane had been mugged. Mr. Pastor said the airplane went down on a small, thinly inhabited islet off the shore in southern Puget Sound after being pursued by airplanes for a brief period and causing a fire.

As Alaska said in a declaration, Portland jet liners were encrypted, but it does not seem that these planes were implicated in the accident. Pierce County Sheriff's Sheriff' Information Officer's official titled a police cruiser to identify the tracking plane as two F-15s. Mr. Pastor said the site of the accident had been localized and the crew were working to check the fire.

On another point, after the pilots had taken the aircraft out of the taxiing and vertical dives, its transfers to the controls indicated that it had anticipated losing command during the manoeuvre. "Somehow I had hoped it would be," the driver said to a joystick according to the informal recording.

The Alaska authorities ID'd the airplane as Horizon Air Q400. Bombardier's twinturboprop jet can carry 76 people, according to the Alaska website. None of these incidents affected such a large airliner that took off without permission. At Eppley International in Omaha in August 2016, an invader scaled an airfield perimeter gate, stripped himself to his boxers, stole a pick-up van and plunged him into the nostrils of a Southwest Airlines flight, according to officers and witnesses.

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