Very Light Jet Cost per Hour

Extremely low blasting costs per hour

5 Cheapest privat jet for operation Of course, the cheapest planes for flying will be among the smallest. The five on this page vary from very light to light planes, each of which can be piloted by a sole aviator. These figures, provided by the airplane cost calculator, are calculated on the basis of global average values, assuming that each airplane is operated 200,000 mile per year and works with a sole individual pilots earning $74,100 per year, with 5 dollars per gal in the cost of gas.

It is the aim of this blogs to serve as a simple benchmark when you compare your cheapest option. Subsequent planes hardly failed to miss the reduction for the five cheapest planes to operate (including the overall yearly cost): You can find details of these and other one-pilot planes in our Buyers' Guide for Single-Pilot Planes.

Jet A Fuels Prices

Kerosene is usually the biggest determinant of the cost of running privately owned aeroplanes. As we have found in our Embraer 300 operational cost study, for example, the biggest cost driver is petrol - $1,292 per hour. Prices per gal of Jet A petrol can fluctuate greatly, as can the combustion rates.

On the other hand, this paper deals with the deviations and combustion rate. So what's Jet A gasoline? Aviation fuels have been specially developed for aeroplanes propelled by gaz turbines. Kerosene has two main kinds - Jet A gasoline (which is used in the United States and some sites in Canada) and Jet A-1 gasoline (which is used in the remainder of the world).

A-1 is the main freeze point - Jet A has a higher freeze point of -40 degrees Celsius (compared to -47 degrees Celsius for A-1). Jet A petrol rates can be much more volatile than car petrol rates - often almost 50% varies between airports. is another website that displays average values and price for fuels in the region. Furthermore, the Jet A price structure at some aerodromes may vary from operator to operator. At Lawrence Municipal Airport in Lawrence, MA, for example, current rates are between $5.20-$6.35. Whilst Jet A is priced to account for a large proportion of overall petrol costs, the combustion ratio is another important part.

Generally, older aircraft can be expected to consume more gas than newer aircraft and bigger aircraft to consume more gas than smaller aircraft. These are some tipical burning rates: You can see that there is a large variance in prices and burning ratios, both of which have an impact on your cost if you use a personal jet.

No matter whether you charter, use a jet ticket, lease or own a small part of a jet, always ask about the cost of your petrol to make sure you have the full price image.

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