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Mbj3 Indoor

What the inside of a BBJ3 can look like. This Boeing BBJ3 is a stunning aircraft configured for 19 passengers with the highest level of comfort and a unique and comfortable interior. More detailed information, specifications, features, fuel costs, interior and pictures of the BBJ3 Boeing Business Jet aircraft. Launched in 2006, the ultra-long-range BBJ3 is the largest in the business jet family. Fantastic interiors of the Boeing Business Jet.

New Jet Aviation BBJ3 fully customized.

The Jet Aviation's Completions Centre in Basel, Switzerland, has re-delivered a Boeing BBJ3 equipped with a passenger compartment for an unknown airline to an unknown airline. The Jet Aviation Designer's own airplane is the culmination of working closely with the airline's customers to create an unparalleled and customized interior. It is a combination of a number of different features, among them flower designs, winged armch leathers and a strong colouring of reds and blues.

A striking range of reds and blues run throughout the interior, on sofas and armchairs in leathers and in the intricate designs of satin mats. Rugs are designed according to a classic style that has been retained in a bigger, more contemporary rapport. Light colours whirl together in a flowery style in the middle of each room, surrounded by a plain woollen ribbon with the same integral carving motif.

Aeroplane seats in the lounges and eating areas have been fully incorporated into Leather couches and wingsback chairs in the same shades of reds and blues. Jet Aviation's Basel-based seats are an example of the degree of personalization available to the customer while at the same time fulfilling airline approval needs.

Strong colours are balanced by a neutrally textured backdrop of nature and root nut desks, wardrobes and credences, antiquated imitation leathers, polished antiques in golden and large pieces in fine Sahara golden vein. It has been conceived in such a way that it can be used flexibly for both domestic and business operations. V.I.P. areas include a large common room, a main suites and a separate bath with a high level raining showers and a connected movie theatre (with a large 50" monitor) and dinning room that can be used as a large room or divided by electrochromic panes of pane glazing.

BBJ 3: Timeless design

Boeing Commercial Jet aircraft, first presented at the European Business- Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) 2013 in Geneva, presented the BBJ 3. The BBJ 3 at Jet Aviation in Basel, Switzerland, was equipped with its individual interior spaces for VIPs on the basis of the 737-900ER. The BBJ 3 can travel 4,900 sea-mile; more than 1,500 sea-mile (3 hours) further than its nearest rival and surpasses the cruising ranges of other corporate aircraft in its category.

BBJ 3 also has a lower cab height, which puts the cab under pressure at 6,500 ft compared to 8,000 ft on other corporate aircraft. In addition, as a merchant aircraft flight deck, the BBJ3 is equipped with Honeywell's Triple-IRS Avionic System and two Flight Computer Systems. Those functions are default, but you can have almost anything you want in the dashboard.

The most important characteristic that distinguishes the BBJ 3 from others is its interior space. The interior of the cab is indeed made of light-coloured, high-gloss maple heartwood, with handcrafted inlays incorporated into the entry area. BBJ 3 also has a large master living room and a smaller personnel area, a dinning room and a double room with a double settee and a bath with showers.

The BBJ 3 brings together the best of both worlds, a long range commercial aircraft with the convenience of home.

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