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747 custom aircraft

The Boeing 747, with a fleet of 1,500 aircraft still in existence until 2015, has become a synonym for the image of international travel. That 747 privately owned plane is a mansion in the skies. The Boeing VIP privat jets were shipped to a trusted customer - it has a cabin, several lounge areas, an executive suite and a dinning room. ??

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The 747 Privatjet makes Donald Trump's airplane look diminutive.

The Gulfstream G550, which costs 61.5 million dollars, or the Bombardier Global Series are the embodiment of luxurious aviation for most individuals, but there are few who can do more than that. They turn planes into privately owned floating buildings. And the most notable example in recent memories is Donald Trumps' $100 million Boeing 757-200 757-200 commercial aircraft.

In order to satisfy this need, Airbus and Boeing have started to sell "VIP" aircraft under the Airbus Corporate Jet and Boeing Business Jet brand names. Most of these aircraft are built on smaller Airbus A 320 or Boeing 737 aircraft, while one of the latest conversions to passenger VIPs has taken deluxe to a new heights.

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Has the South African president bought the most expensive plane in the world?

Zuma, the head of Africa, bought the most costly airplane in the whole state. The photos show one of the most costly commercial aircraft in the worlds, a tailor-made Boeing 747-8. Jacob Zuma, Jacob Zuma, President of the Republic of Africa. Several photos distributed on-line allegedly show a luxury $400 million custom Boeing 747 bought by Jacob Zuma, head of the Republic of Africa:

President Zuma is the present head of Southern Africa. Wellcome aboard the tailor-made aircraft that makes Air Force One look like the first Wright Brothers work. This exceptional picture shows a giant jump boomer, which was transformed into a luxurious house for ZUMA. It is said that the tailor-made Boeing 747 paid the taxpayer 400 million dollars.

This makes it one of the most costly shopping trips ever. Deluxe levels are outside this realm. Well, the airplane wouldn't seem out of place on cribs. It'?s good for your airplane to have a cabin, you know. Is the United States of America helping South Africa?

Is Canada providing assistance to South Africa? Opposite are photos of a jet that was bought by President Jacob Zuma. The Boeing 747-8, costing 400 million dollars, is the most costly aircraft in the whole wide open air market. Are the photos showing President Zuma's aeroplane? No, no. These pictures don't show a President Zuma own aircraft.

In December 2011, the image with the outside of the airplane was taken before a test mission of the airplane for Lufthansa Airlines at the Frankfurt capital airfield. In the remainder of the photos, a concept "VIP & Head of State" tailor-made cabin of a Boeing 747-8 passenger car created by luxurious airliner Greenpoint Technologies is shown, and these images have been in circulation since early 2015, more than a year before they were named after President Zuma.

That the most costly aeroplane in the whole wide open sky? The aircraft was valued at approximately $370 million before Greenpoint Technologies finished the work. Even though we couldn't find the aircraft's definitive pricing plate, it is certainly one of the most costly aircraft in the can. The Boeing 747-8's luxurious Airbus 340, allegedly bought by Russia's Alisher Usmanov millionaire for an estimate of 500 million dollars, is the only aircraft that could let this Boeing 747-8 go.

Zuma's Premier aircraft, a Boeing 737 named "Inkwazi", was earthed several occasions due to mechanic difficulties, and the Southern Africa Premier applied for a new luxurious aircraft to be replaced: Those are just some of the specs for a fire-new executive aircraft that Armscor, the Armed Forces Procurement Company, wants to buy for Jacob Zuma, who could pay up to R4 billion.

Defense Secretary Sam Gulube affirmed that the Ministry had asked Armscor to provide a V.I.P. aircraft for Zuma. By 2015, websites such as Business Tech posted article on "what Zuma's R4 billion aircraft could look like," photos of independent luxuries planes and speculations about what aircraft (including the above-mentioned Boeing 747-8 VIP) he might buy.

At the time of this letter, however, we have found no evidence that Zuma has used a new luxurious aircraft. Business Tech in July 2016 said that Zuma had "thrown away" its proposal for a new aircraft and was paying an aircraft costing R2 million (about 150,000 USD). In September 2016 The Sunday Times said that South Africa still had planned to buy a new president's aircraft for between R1 billion and R2.8 billion (between 75 and 200 million US dollars).

In 2015 Zuma triggered much debate when he ordered a new luxurious airplane, but these images do not show a $400 million airplane bought by the US government.

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