Learjet 24d

24d Learjet

Bombardier Learjet 24D has a range of 850 miles. Bombardier Learjet 24D For sale | 351870 for sale Beautiful Learjet 24D with complete lifeport system, including STC and all related formalities. In April 2017, the aircrafts were inspected for A, B and Class 2 emissions and will be supplied with a new RVSM certificate and a computer-aided track and trace programme. Situated in Helena Montana, always in hangar and available at a low price. Planes have always been hung.

Supplied with 2017 A, B and B inspection, 2017 CE inspection and fresh RVSM certificate. Aeroplane servicing is carried out as part of the computer-aided tracking programme. Life Port stretchers system with corresponding stationery and STC. The owner has an amusement system and a fit to substitute the gurney when the gurney is not in use. Available with or without Lifeport system.

Bombardier Learjet 24D for Sale

Normal Cruise Speed KTAS: Load capacity - Full LBS fuel: Range - Seats Full N.M.: Floating costs per hour $: Useful LBS fuel: What is the fare for a Bombardier Learjet 24D? The speed, performance and service costs are the best of this airplane. Fuels consumption is the only thing wrong.... Very beautiful Learjet 24D with full Lifeport system, which contains STC and all related formalities.

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24 Learjet specifications, cabin dimensions, speeds, etc.

Learjet 24 is an US twin-jet, fast commercial aircraft built after the Learjet 23 by Learjet. Though the Learjet 23 was restricted to a maximum net mass of 12,500 lbs, design engineer engineered the 24 to accommodate the full net mass of 13,500 lbs permitted by FAR-25 standard.

The Learjet 24 started in 1966 and lasted until 1977 with a fleet of 259 airplanes. Learjet 24 had several versions marked by the letter A, B, C, as well as C, F, as well as A, C, as well as C, as well as F. Learjet 24D was similar to Learjet 24C, but with a modified reach of the superficial tank and an increased take-off mass of 13,512 lb. In addition, the round cab window was substituted by a square one.

There was also a 24D/A model with lower net weights (limited to 12,500 pounds).

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