Boeing 747 Business Jet

747 Boeing Business Jet

Unbelievable Lufthansa 747-8 First Class Full Experience! For the B737, Boeing lists 164 Business Jet / VIP customers. "Aeroloft was developed to meet the customer-specific requirements of the Boeing 747-8.

The world' s largest business jet, Qatar Amiri Boeing 747-8i, is for sale.

Seems that the Qatari King's familiy is unloaded one of the two Boeing 747-8s from their stunning fleets. It is commonly known as the Qatar Amiri aircraft and comprises more than a dozen other aircraft in a business jet aircraftfiguration, in addition to the two Boeing 747-8s. Whatever the cause, the whole familiy chose to part with one of the Boeings.

Offered for purchase on specialised listings pages - no sales prices are given, but if you are interested you can call AMAC Aerospace in Switzerland to make an enquiry. Start-up for a " bare " Boeing 747-8 without the adjustments is about 370 million dollars.

The aircraft, which was constructed on the Boeing Everett line in 2012, was equipped with a VVIP cabin by Boeing San Antonio in 2014 and was scheduled for its maiden voyage in January 2015. There are 10 en-suite rooms on both levels, a large main room with a king size berth and a luxury dinning room which also serves as a meeting room.

Besides several common rooms (cabins and conference rooms), it also has its own small clinic where operations can be carried out.

747 had a great run. Saying goodbye doesn't mean the end.

MARANA, Ariz. - There may not be a single aircraft as recognisable as the Boeing 747, the world's first jet with a legendary top-hug. However, the aviation business has shifted and the huge aircraft has become more costly. The 747's last takeoff into the air a few short months ago was by a US carrier.

Passers-by at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta could have seen something strange when the Boeing 747 No. 6314 was last deported from the gates. The spectators in the terminals beckoned their farewells and the aircraft powered by Delta Air Lines rolled out onto the runways. Unimpressed by the cold wheather, even members of the Ground crews took out their telephones to document this trip on photographs.

A small group of travellers was on the boat - mostly Delta people. At the beginning of his carrier, as a Northwest Airlines aviator, he assisted Boeing in flying a new Northwest 747 aircraft from Boeing to the airline's home base in Minneapolis. when the two firms fused 10 years ago.

As Number 6314, he would withdraw if the plane landed. Returning to the stateroom, Gene Peterson, another Delta 747 commander, and Holly Rick, a stewardess, had other plan. when they were in a 747 charters in 2009. After four and a half hour, the jet circled over Sonoran desert Arizona's Sonoran Desert and prepared for its definitive rapprochement to Pinal Airpark, where the next chapters would begin.

The New York Times last year reported that "A Journey With a Pilot" used economy of scale to make long-haul flights accessible to the general public for the first and foremost. "That plane is a miracle when it was built," said Anthony Black, a Delta speaker aboard the plane.

A lot of carriers rely on a business paradigm that concentrates on linking more towns directly to smaller, more fuel-efficient jets rather than guiding passenger through some large hub airports. Because of the arid weather, the county's own Pinal Airpark between Phoenix and Tucson is an excellent place to stock long haul flights, and about 120 aircrafts are currently here, spread across the area.

Due to the dried atmosphere, there is no greater risk of corrosive attack, so its parts can be used to make other aircraft soar. At Logistic Airport, one of the airlines that owns or maintains former aircraft at Pinal Airpark, Brandi Lange is head of Operations. The portfolio of their business comprises two former Northwest Airlines freight 747 and one 747 who used to travel for Trans World Airlines, a trademark that vanished after the merger with American Airlines in 2001.

Although many of the aircraft's precious electric parts have been taken off, entire seat segments remain - full ash trays (dating back to at least 2000, when the United States completely banned flying ), old newspapers, casualty oxyacids, and everything that seems fit for passenger boarding. Fox's new TV show "LA to Vegas", a humorous aerospace show, received many of its aircraft seat and other setups from Pinal Airpark.

Another Pinal Airpark lessee, Jet Yard, will focus primarily on the disassembly and demolition of airplanes that are no longer flown by carriers. "I' d say that almost half or more of the airplanes will eventually be put back into service," said David Querio, Marana Aerospace Solutions and Ascent Aviation Services chairman.

In addition to sometimes dismantling aeroplanes, his firm carries out major servicing on some 25 aeroplanes and stores more than 100 more at Pinal Airpark, among them the 747s that Delta has just withdrawn. Despite the fact that the carrier has not made any concrete announcements of future projects for these aeroplanes, Mr Querio has seen similar aeroplanes become working horses in other parts of the canal.

In Africa, Asia and South America, purchasing a used plane is "much cheaper than purchasing a new one," he said. Although they are less fuelefficient than today's airplanes, higher running costs are compensated for by lower acquisition costs, making used jet liners an excellent option for airline companies looking to grow.

The Pinal Airpark is sometimes referred to as a cemetery or aircraft cemetery. It wants to disseminate the news that the airplanes here, in one way or another, almost always have more in front of them. When 747 no. 6314 had arrived, and after the passenger (including the two bridal couples) and the flight attendants had gone, the inside of the huge aircraft was empty and completely calm, the vacant seating and corridors were lit only by the light of the sun passing through the sky.

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