Cab fare Estimate Sydney

Taxi Tariff Estimate Sydney

The rates for SYD vary depending on the vehicle option selected, travel time and total distance. You can use the Uber Fahrpreisschätzer to obtain estimates. App-Update: Get the fare estimate for your next trip.


Ticket prices are approximate only. Additional services are available for cars with several seats and cars with wheelchair use. Tariffs and fees - valid from 8 January 2014: If your cab is polluted by a passenger using the cab, your cab owner may levy a surcharge of up to $70. Such fees shall be paid by the lessee if the lessee has received such fees as part of the rental, and may prove that he has paid a tolling, dues or fees.

cab fare charged

Differences can be paid in advance and in full in the following ways: prepayment and bank transfer (if accepted), Cabcharge, EFTPOS or Cards. In case a cab fare is requested by a cab rider that you prepay your fare before departure, the rider will estimate the probable fare. Use one of the above mentioned means of fare calculation.

After the start of the journey, a visual fare calculator (e.g. one meter) must be switched on and run during the journey. Arriving at your final destination and the entire fare is higher than the prepaid fare, you must remit the remainder of the fare plus any toll or ground handling charge to the chauffeur.

At the end of your journey, if your fare is less than the prepaid fare, you will be reimbursed the amount of the fare refund. Payments can be made in either currency (if accepted), Cabcharge, EFTPOS or using a major bank transfer method (credit card) if there is a remaining amount at the end of the itinerary.

At the end of your journey, if you have to make payment for the balance and wish to use your credit again, you will be billed a second processing charge. At the end of your journey you can request a voucher, which must be provided by the cab driver on request.

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