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The OyeTaxi is a one-stop transit app that meets all your local transport needs. The Oye Taxi is an online cabin booking portal. Designed to take its elements from a computer mouse and a taxi.

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Not only does OyeTaxi provide a comparison of different taxi and car companies, it also provides real-time information about local traffic as well. There is no need to reinstall and browse between different Cab/Auto-Hailing applications or between different Information Providers. This is very useful for the consumer as they can easily check the estimated arrival times and costs of different taxi/car service in a unique application, which helps them to find the best taxis.

You can find out the best itinerary from one place to another, which includes both domestic and international transportation. There is all the information available, such as ETA/departure times/cost/distance etc., which makes it very simple for a user to make a choice, less burdensome and more pleasant to use. Special cabins are available with pick-up and drop-off at the locations of your choice.

This is an on-line market place for all providers of tour taxis and taxis in your town, where you can reserve outside or outside cabins according to prices, vehicle types and uptime. Currently you can use our OyeTaxi application to check Uber cabs, Ola cabs, Meru cabs, taxi cars, Easy-vehicles, Mega cabs and Jugnoo cars in over 100 towns and villages.

Now all taxi services in one app with OyeTaxi !

OyeTaxi is a taxi aggregate application that correlates the ETA, availabilities and rates of different taxi companies to present the best available taxi choices to you. As soon as the operator chooses an item, he navigates the operator to the taxi application of his choice. India's cabin industry is a 9 billion dollar industry with a 17%-20% increase.

The 88% of this total is still unorganized and is being watched by big names like Uber and Ola. We' ve come across so many taxi companies and their tailor-made applications to get to them. India's multi-billion US dollars taxis are currently in a crowded state. When renting a taxi, we choose one of the taxi rental apartments (from a vast selection of available apartments) in our cell phones and search for a matching one.

It is a tedious procedure, as different ETAs, different rates, etc. have different service. Therefore, there is a need for an aggregate that will save the client time and expense. Just think of what would have happened if you just needed an application to reserve a taxi from all available taxi service (feels like the Lord of the Rings, right?).

OyeTaxi is an application started on July 12, 2015, which combines different taxi applications like Ola, Uber, TaxForSure, Meru etc. into one application. Compare ETA, availabilities and rates of different taxi companies. Choosing an item will navigate the taxi operator to the required taxi application. It has also enabled them to collaborate with the pioneers of the taxi business, e.g. Ola is not their rival but a business associate, having recently entered into a relationship with Ola.

When one of the founder Karan, who completed his MBA at the ISB, Hyderabad (before he found OyeTaxi, he was an active technical leader in the portable application for a major web company), went to a birthday celebration with his buddies to pick the fastest and least expensive one.

Seeing the inflated prices in one of the applications and trying to get another one, he didn't notice them, got disappointed when he navigated from Uber to 0la, TFS to Meru etc. and didn't land anywhere. That' s how Karan came up with the concept of combining all these taxi applications.

The OyeTaxi is represented in every town where there are taxi services. At present, their objective is to help the users make a more intelligent choices, and a viable sales paradigm is still a far-off one. One of the first tasks when merging different businesses was to involve taxi operators.

They need to make sure that all departments can be readily incorporated into a unified one. Also, the creation of a smooth theme that solved the problem for the end users was a big problem. You went through a number of styling choices, even looking at a card preview, but even though a card preview appears jazzily, it's not as useful as it may sound.

You are planning to include a number of functions on the application that are most important, i.e. to have the transactions made in the application itself, so that it is a full featured solution for the users. "However, who hated investing in a user-friendly application like this?

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