Cessna 206 Rental

The Cessna 206 Rent

$169 to $206 an hour. Cessna Stationair or 206 is bigger and faster than its little brother, the 172. 9774F, $206, Garmin 530 GPS, ADS-B, DME, ADF, GPWS, autopilot. When a person imagines a small single-engine aircraft, he probably thinks of the Cessna 172. Other operators, however, will let you refuel the rented aircraft.

Stationair Cessna 206, Cessna Pilot Training

Cessna Stationair or 206 is bigger and quicker than its little sister, the 172. It is also able to bear much more clout. With the 300-hp fuel-injected buzzing motor, the Stationair can run at up to 160-170 knots and burn only about 15 gal of gas per hour, making it ideal for long distances - up to 700-900 mph, dependent on your body mass and travel preferences.

The Cessna Stationair 206 is our most beloved plane for travellers to the Bahamas or Key West, with a capacity of up to six passengers. That' s why we have made sure that we have a first-class Stationair 206 for you - a 2006 version, more precisely, with the following options:

The Cessna 206 Rent

Look at the Twin Barons on barnstormers.com - stitches like $100K you can get one of them - a list was just out of the year for $98K. It's my assumption that the Cessna 206's are much more costly because they're better with gasoline and simpler to use. 1 - All bars are twin, if it is a singles, it is either a Bonanza, Debonair, Mouseketeer , etc..

2-100K would not put you in a proper baron, even an early BE-55 would run slightly more than 100K unless the motors are temporary or it has a high tap. BE-95 (Travelair) can be found for less than 100K, but it is the forerunner of the Baron.

You can also find early BE95-55 models that are outside the Travelair with motor change for more output. 3 - Getting a non INST-valued PVT pilots without ME and less than 300 hrs into a high performing twinning would be costly, if any, when it comes to insurances.

4 - The older (before 1997) Cessna 206 rates increase together with the 182 and the 172 just because the markets allow it. 5 - The twin cost has fallen, partly due to the cost of fuels, but also to the new single engines available at similar speeds and payloads.

Ex: Cessna 210, Piper Malibu, Mooney Acclaim, Cirrus SR-22, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. What is the point of paying your insurer, your petrol and your service for a Gemini when you can travel just as quickly (or faster) and transport the same cargo in a train? Each of the above planes can keep up with or exceed a B-55 and support the same loads at significantly lower running costs.

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