Trip around the World

Journey around the world

And the most common answer is: At our welcome cocktail reception and private welcome dinner at your elegant hotel, we will toast the adventures that will come on our journey around the world! More details about our world trip with children. Figure out all the details.

Worldtour 2018 | 36 Days Deluxe Trip

Think you can now enjoy the journey of your dream with Vantage Adventures? Every year, our Around the World adventures have won enthusiastic criticism from travellers. In 2018, you'll have a first-hand opportunity to experience the reason for this 36-days Deluxe, a small group excursion reserved for 16 people.

. Follow the Big Five on a personal safari in South Africa's Lalibela Game Reserve... exploring the iconic Machu Picchu Los Angeles Cities. On the way you should go behind the curtains to enjoy genuine links and insights with inviting locals. Begin our Epic Around the World Quest with a chauffeur-driven limo transportation from your front doorstep to your home base for a plane ride to Los Angeles, California.

When you arrive, you will be welcomed by your personal host, your personal baggage handler, who will help you with your transfers to our 5-star Santa Monicatel. At our welcome cocktail reception and our personal welcome diner at your stylish establishment, we will celebrate the adventure that will come on our journey around the world!

Arriving we will have a nice meal at the museum. Spend the afternoons visiting the exhibitions as well as the museum's collections devoted to the art and culture of Greece, Rome and Etruria, before you return to Santa Monica for supper in a stylish regional café. Food included: Transfers to the Bali International Airports for an over night trip to Bali, cross es the International Date Line and loses one full stop during our trip.

" However, we will know it as "paradise on earth" as we are enjoying the Weißhandschuh servicing in its breathtaking surroundings. We will be welcomed with a festive festoon of flowers from Bali before moving to the luxury All-Villa Four Seasons Resort Bali on Jimbaran Bay, a historic hideout that will be among the 500 best hotels in the world by 2014.

Throughout your holiday you will be enjoying your own reed-roofed balinesian mansion with sea view and a privately owned diving basin. We start our first overnight trip in this Wunderland with a Welcome Cocktail Reception at the residence, followed by a Welcome Barbecue Dinner in Sundara at the scenic Jimbaran Beach. Following the wooded street - bordered by colourful stores, fashion stores, cafes and art galleries along the way - we stop to test our negotiating skill at a nearby supermarket.

Meanwhile for luncheon we are enjoying the best of Indonesian hospitability as guest of a distinguished Brahman tribe whose fathers introduced Hinduism from Java to Bali in the fourteenth centuary. Having returned to our hostel this evening, we can savour our own supper in a restaurant. Food included:

Following breakfasts we will go to a Mengwi town where you will be interacting with pupils from a nearby secondary modern college. Afterwards, you drive by coach through picturesque towns to the Taman Ayun Tempel - a picturesque royal Mengwi Empire sanctuary set in a large fish pond. The lunch is offered in a Puri Taman Sari eatery.

Tonight you' ll get a delicious Indonesian supper and a dancing show at a nearby bar and café. Food included: Afterwards we drive to our 5-star hostel in the centre of the renowned Marina Bay - just a few steps from six of Singapore's most thrilling shopping centres. Over 1,000 stores, 300 eateries and a range of world-class landmarks are right on our doorstep.

Tonight we meet for supper at the hotel's acclaimed Golden Peony Dining House, known for its flawless mix of refinement, creative flair and genuine Canadian food. Food included: Rickshaw around the Bugis Street this lunchtime for a " locally " feel. Try the tasteful Singaporean China flavour over a light luncheon at a typical Singaporean cafeteria.

Afterwards you have the opportunity to unwind in your luxury guesthouse and look forward to a wonderful night at the world-famous Raffles Singapore - an Asiatic legendary venue since 1887. Food included: Following our luncheon, we drive alone to the railway depot to take the lush Eastern & Oriental Express.

On the way from Singapore to Bangkok on this beautiful platoon we relish the meal cooked on board by local cooks, who blend the region's best local produce into some of the most stunning east and west cuisine in the world. Food included: Prior to midday we head back to the platoon, whereupon we stop to traverse the Malaysia-Thailand boundary.

Supper's aboard the platoon this evening. Food included: While admiring the river landscape, a young poet throws a spotlight on the Thailand-Burma railroad and the famed Burma River Rail Link, which is immortalised in films and literary works. Arrived in Bangkok, we enjoy a delicious Thailand evening meal at the classy Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel before our night flying to Dubai.

Food included: Today you are arriving in Dubai, one of the most vibrant capitals in the world. Just arriving at another place that' just started out - with new attractions, scents and tradition - you have the relaxing moment to get to know the locals at your own speed. You will have a free time to spend the whole morning after having dinner in a typical regional eatery and a brief orienteering drive in the afternoons.

Meet for an inclusive supper at the motel this evening. Meals included: Discover Dubai with your own guides and take a look at one of the most mysterious and prestigious travel destination in the world. On your all-day trip you'll see the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab, the world' s most luxury resort, Dubai's famed Palm Island, one of the most outstanding engineer achievements of contemporary times, and the quaint town harbour.

You will also be visiting a large commercial centre with handicraft and genuine Arab products and visiting some typical shops (markets) - among them Spice Souk, Gold Souk and Textile Souk. You will have dinner and then you will go to the Burj Khalifa - the highest edifice in the world - and spend the remainder of the afternoon in peace and quiet.

Accompany your tour guides today night for supper at a typical restaurants. Food included: You will have a free early start after your breakfasts to unwind or discover this vibrant town. There you can indulge in sparkling wine as the dune gets sunset and a delicious supper in the glamour of an Arabic night.

Food included: On landing this afternoon, you will be welcomed by our VIP concierge who will help you with your personal transfers to your luxury resort. There will be plenty of relaxation and relaxation until tonight we head to the hotels for a personal coctail celebration and supper. Food included: After our return to the capital we take a sightseeing drive with the South African Parliament Houses, the Cape City Hall and the star-shaped Castle of Good Hope.

Following dinner, we will take a cruise to Robben Iceland, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the infamous Nelson Mandela Jail, where he was detained for 18 years. The tour leader on the isle is a former prisoner who will tell us first-hand about living behind the bars and show us how Mandela and his companions spent their time.

Returning to Cape Town tonight, we have the chance to try one of the city's finest dining establishments with our Deluxe Meal Choices. Food included: From Cape Point, we climb a cable car to its great altitudes to get a breathtaking view of the landscape around us, as well as the breathtaking Cape Floral Region - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - where the famous fossil forest genome provides tremendous botanical variety.

Following a culinary dinner at the classy Two Oceans Restaurant, which boasts some of South Africa's most breathtaking sea vistas, we head to the world-famous Boulders Beach Pinguin Crowd. Arrived in the early evening at the guesthouse, we will spend a quiet evening. Food included: Today you can spend the whole working days exploring Cape Town on your own.

We say goodbye to Cape Town after a full independence tour with a unique Cape Extravaganza - with exquisite homemade food - in a nearby dining establishment. Food included: An entirely different and exciting Africa awaits us as we pursue our deluxe adventures around the world: an authentically Africaafi.

Following our morning break we head to Port Elizabeth, where our VIP concierge will assist us with the transfers to our Lalibela safari camp in the Lalibela game reserve at the Eastern Cape. During our visit all food and drink are provided at this luxury accommodation equipped with local dishes to enrich our cruise. During our open cruise-vehicle holiday we take several guided tours with experienced tour leaders who help us make the most of our experiences.

Food included: Back to our hut for dinner and a break before returning in the afternoons. Food included: Spend a last Safaritag with two more sightseeing safaris through the lush landscape of the area. Food included: Have a last morning break at our liveaboard before taking a shuttle to Port Elizabeth for our plane to Johannesburg.

Enjoy the rest of the day, maybe take full advantage of the local facilities before enjoying an inclusive supper in our 5-startel. Food included: Arriving later tonight, we drive to our 5-star luxury motel in the centre of the town. Food included: Following our breakfasts, we begin our discovery of Buenos Aires with a personal trip to the town' s high points, among them Puerto Madero - a former seaport on the Rio de la Plata, which today is a classy harbour area, the colourful La Boca quarter with its colourful arc of rainbows of painted buildings and the Plaza de Mayo in the centre.

Then we go to the Tortoni Cafe, a favourite meeting place for the 19 th centuries élite, for dinner. The artistically decorated Tortoni coffee house, based on the inspiration of a Paris cafe, is one of the most beautifully decorated in the world. The lively dance, which is regarded as an integrated part of the city's civilization and historical life, has been designated a World Immaterial Patrimony by UNESCO.

A few paces are learned during a personal Tangokur with professionals in El Viejo Almacen. Join the celebration of this celebrated dancing with supper and a fire yoking tango show, accompanied by colourfully dressed performers and the impassioned sound of its unmistakable musical signature. Food included: We start our daily with a welcome at the farm with a cup of freshly brewed cake, a cup of hot chocolate and cake.

Then we will find out more about the sports and the horse and experience impressing riding skills at a personal show of two Chukker polos - the best way to get an introduction to the games. On our farm we will have a tasty luncheon at the grill. As soon as we arrive in Buenos Aires we will enjoy the excellent Buenos Aires food - with our Deluxe Meal Choices - in one of the city's first quality cafes.

Food included: Following our breakfasts we set off for a personal culture trip to Buenos Aires. Take a sightseeing in the world-renowned Teatro Colon Opernhaus, one of the five best auditoriums in the world. Later we stop at a nearby café to have a cup of wine in the typical atmosphere.

When you arrive, our VIP concierge will take care of your baggage and help with a personal shuttle to our luxurious resort. Tonight we will have an inclusive supper in the Garganta del Diablo where the view is as beautiful as the kitchen. Food included: Enjoyment of lunches in the gardens, walk through this unbelievable UNESCO World Heritage Site and follow the paths along the park's top path.

Tonight we meet again at the guesthouse for a personal coctail dinner, escorted by a female harmonica player, while you drink to another great event during your cruise. Food included: Later we will eat our lunches in the garden and admire another view of this exceptional water feature. The VIP concierge will meet us and we drive to our 5-star hostel in the beautiful neighborhood of Miraflores.

Meals included: The colonial Lima, which belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage, is a breathtaking mixture of old and new. Today lunch will take place at the Larco Museum, which houses one of the world's finest collection of pre-Columbian arts and artefacts. Following an unhurried afternoons, take the chance to try your favourite Lima food in one of Lima's world-class dining establishments with our Deluxe Meal Choices.

Food included: Our VIP concierge supports us to our guesthouse when we arrive in Cusco. Heading into the Sacred Valley - a small, twisty hollow with snow-capped summits on both sides - we enjoy our midday meal with the traditional Peruan fusions at El Huacatay, one of the region's most famous inns.

After that we will be checking into our 5-star 5-star hotels in the evening; your luggage will be shipped to your room by our 5-star baghouse. Food included: Ollantaytambo, a beautiful city dominated by a remarkable Inca stronghold that belonged to an Inkan imperial king, is visited this forenoon.

Stop by at Chincheros City, the site of one of our Vantage Cares locations, to see how locals keep a cultivated heritage going during a stunning webcast. Afterwards we continue to the shore of the Urubamba River, where we have our midday meal in Tunupa, which besides offering cosmopolitan food also serves delicious dishes of the region.

Afterwards, back at our Deluxe Hotels, enjoy more andine food for your evening meal. Food included: One of the most beloved sights in the world, the long-forgotten mysterious UNESCO World Heritage Site - and for good reasons! We get on a Vistadome platoon for the breathtaking ride along the raging Urubamba River, whose mountains appear at every turn.

After arriving in Aguas Calientes, the gate to Machu Picchu, we enjoy a delicious dinner at the luxury Belmond Sanctuary Lodge. A while later, to explore this amazing site, we take the Ollanta railway to the Sacred Valley and back to our luxury resort. Food included: The last stop on our incomparable journey is Cusco - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the oldest continually populated town in South America.

Then we enjoy an inclusive luncheon at the Huayoccari Hacienda Restaurant, an exclusive country house that serves delicious food in the midst of a stunning setting in the rolling countryside above the Sacred Valley. Come and see the Pisac Fair, which draws local people and visitors three days a weeks, before heading to our luxury in Cusco.

Try one of the best restaurants in Peru tonight with our Deluxe Meal Choices. Food included: Meanwhile for luncheon we see the locals living in Cusco as visitors in a small house - a real treat of our adventures made possible by the small dimensions of our group. Tonight we meet for a farewell drink welcome and supper at our luxury resort, surrounded by indigenous folk music, to share tales of our exceptional adventures.

Food included: Our last mornings in Peru we see a particular kind of behind the curtains privacy in Cusco while visiting the nearby graveyard. Following our luncheon in Cicciolina, an old house in a former house, we leave the hostel and drive to the international airports to fly back home.

Food included: When you arrive at the destination, your driver will welcome you to your personal transfers back to your door.

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