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Currently 111 airline companies are operating from Barajas airport. The Barajas airport provides non-stop flights to 188 towns. At least 2,646 flights within the country and 3,971 flights internationally leave Barajas airport every month. Currently, 108 airline companies are operating out of Barcelona Airport. The airport Barcelona provides non-stop flights to 187 towns. At least 1,309 flights a week leave Barcelona Airport on home flights and 3,028 on overseas flights.

There are currently 77 airline companies operating from Palma Mallorca Airport. The airport Palma Mallorca provides non-stop flights to 138 towns. At least 806 flights a week leave Palma Mallorca Airport for home flights and 1,411 for overseas flights. Malaga Airport currently operates 64 carriers. The Malaga airport has direct flights to 119 towns.

At least 265 national flights and 972 intercontinental flights leave Malaga airport every Monday. There are currently 50 airline companies operating from De Gran Canaria Airport. De Gran Canaria Airport provides non-stop flights to 92 towns. At least 635 flights a week leave De Gran Canaria Airport for home flights and 243 for overseas flights.

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