How to use Alaska Airlines Miles

Use Alaska Airlines Miles

Select "Valid" in your Alaska Airlines account under Discount Codes on the left side of your account page. Select "Shop" on the loaded page and use the code listed to find flights. Mileage Plan Hotels: New ways to use Alaska Miles - Alaska Airlines reveals.

As of today, members can use Alaska miles to reserve accommodation at more than 400,000 global real estate destinations through an extended relationship with our online reservation service, Routermiles. "Redemption of miles for accommodation has been one of the most widely used improvements to the mileage plan, and our members now have the opportunity to reimburse precious Alaska miles for both flight and hotel," said Ryan Butz, Alaska Airlines Executive Vice President ofoyalty.

"Mileage Plan Hotels will provide our Alaska Airlines card holders with reduced rates for their Alaska Airlines card. Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® card holders not only collect Alaska miles on their daily shopping trips and enjoy savings with our complimentary fares and free check-in pockets, but now also have another way to use these miles.

It' now the only major plastic that needs Alaska flyer. "With the introduction of, members of mileageplan. com can select whether they want to accumulate up to 10,000 miles for each of their nights of residence, use their miles or a combined amount of money and miles to reserve branded hotel, shop features and resort accommodation.

"Bart Welch, Rocketmiles CEO, said, "This journey gateway provides members of the miles management scheme with a new way to use their miles. "As we look forward to building the relationships and building the value of the miles in the milespach. "Alaska Airlines' miles schedule has been recognised by US News and World Report, The Points Guy, FlyerTalk and others as the best reward programme in the business and it simply got better.

The Alaska Miles Plan continues to be dedicated to offering members great value for money, which includes miles rewarded to members on the basis of how far they travel - not only how much they pay, but also the possibility to accumulate miles for daily expenses, easy-to-earn élite discounts, reward rates from 5,000 miles, and now the possibility to use miles for your stay in a resort when you get where you want to go.

With Rocketmiles, travellers can accumulate an unprecedented amount of miles and points for reward programs when they book rooms in hotels around the world. The Rocketmiles is part of Bookoking Holdings Inc. 44 million passengers a year travel through Alaska Airlines and its local carriers to more than 115 cities with an annual flight volume averaging 1,200 passengers per day through the United States, Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica.

Through Alaska and Alaska Global Partners, travelers can collect and spend miles on air travel to more than 900 global destination. Find out more about Alaska's award-winning services at and The Alaska Airlines, Virgin America and Horizon Air are wholly owned by the Alaska Air Group (NYSE ALK).

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