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Over is working with UT Austin and the military to construct the crowd of air taxi's. Über has selected a partner couple to support the development of the uberAIR carpooling system development project. UT will work with the University of Texas at Austin and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to create a new rotary motion system that will be used by cars in the UT grid that are essentially sky taxis.

For the time being, Uber is concentrating on the work to put the services into operation and have them available for commercial use in Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Dubai by 2023. Help will be provided by UT Austin Cockrell School of Engineering scientists who will collaborate with the military laboratory to support Uber Elevate - the latter being a kind of umbrella word for everything Uber does in the sky behind Uber AIR.

The Uber VTOL comprises a number of electrical designs and cruise speeds between 150 and 200 meters per hour, according to a study by the universities. Sirohi is described by the universities as one of the country's top specialists in the fields of aerodynamics, VTOL airplanes and fixed and rotating blade aeroelastics.

Among other things, he and his crew will investigate the use of stacking propellers for VTOL airplanes, which, according to the information provided by the universities, is a novel type of helicopter in which two rotors are piled on top of each other and rotated in parallel. Uber says in a whitepaper available here that long-term VTOLs will be more accessible to most humans than having a vehicle.

According to the newspaper, the reasons why aviation is considered costly and a rare way to fly are largely due to the low output of today's airplanes. Though small airplanes and choppers are similar in height, mass and complexities to a automobile, they still pay about 20x more.

Thus the running is in progress to bring this to heaven. Of course, other businesses also come into play, such as Audi and Rolls-Royce, which observe this area, so that Uber is definitely not alone here.

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