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stretch limousine

LIMOVINES and party buses for special occasions and airport services. Stretch limousine rental is available throughout Chicago, Illinois and other surrounding areas. A saloon's chassis may have been extended by the manufacturer or by an independent bodybuilder.

Limousine Chicago Limousinenservice durch Stretch Limousine

Just a few moments from Chicago O'hare International Airports, Stretch Limousine, Inc. is the Better Business Bureau certified A+-rated Chicago limousine services group. A 24/7 operations with a communal overnight station monitoring vehicles and driver. Every car and bus is fitted with GPS positioning equipment and is continuously supervised by the Live-Dispatch.

There is a large number of limousines and SUVs to house our corporate and recreational clients on a day-to-day base, as well as a large number of limousines and busses for the evening in the city or for festivities on a week-end. Our aim is to provide excellent services and we will go an additional league for you.

Limousine rental in Chicago, IL

Stretch limousine rentals are available throughout Chicago, Illinois and other nearby areas. At M&M we provide limousine hire from and to any Chicago, Illinois international airports. It is also recommended to rent a stretch limousine for company conventions, special functions or customer conventions. You can also enjoy first class stretch limousine service for your wedding, stag party, class dance, sports event or a trip to the city with your friend or relatives.

Our extensive catalogue of stretch limousines is available for every kind of occasion. The limousines are suitable for large and small groups from 9 to 22 people. Take a look at our range of stretch limousines and stretch limousines for SUVs. If you have any queries about our transport service, please consult a professional.

World' s most luxury and expensive sedans

Created in 1902, the sedan usually showed its drivers behind the steering wheels in an open cabin, while its occupants were sitting in the back of the car. This stretch limousine first came out in 1928 and was primarily conceived for transporting large music groups and their guides. The limousine is the most striking example of costly, luxury land transports today, as it was at the beginning.

In addition, today saloons are not only limited to the expansion of large, high-quality luxurious cars. These days saloons can and often are made from sports utility cars (SUVs), MPVs, or even certain kinds of large-capacity pick-up truck as often as they are made from large luxurious saloons. Limo industry's valued at $4 billion.

Locating the most pricey sedans in the globe is easy, but locating the most luxury sedans in the globe is a real question of personal flavor. Today's limousine can be anything from a basic, convenient, elementary trolley to the next best thing to a mobile night club with a drink counter. In the truest sense of the word, there is no uniform standards for identifying the best sedans or the most luxury limousine.

Initial pricing means the costs a purchaser would incur for the base sedan before he adds extra functionality beyond the manufacturer's initial offer. Such a sedan as the Cadillac XTS, with an entry-level purchase value of $48,635, could end up doubling or tripling the purchase amount according to how the purchaser asks Cadillac or a third provider to expand the automobile from its base deck and comforts.

Since it is not as easy to find the most luxury sedans in the whole wide range as it is to find the most costly sedans, we will take a look at the twelve most popular sedans today, according to their entry-level price. Exclusively those makes which also produce the limousine version of their basic vehicle will be subject to this verification.

Many limousine companies choose to buy the basic vehicles and then ship them to customers in order to transform them into stretchers. 12 ) Cadillac XTS saloon. Starting price: $48,635. Basically, it is an extension of Cadillac's XTS saloon, with the full-stretch model equipped with three doorways on either side of the vehicle.

The XTS sedan, which will be launched in 2012, will be produced either in Ontario or in Shanghai and is equipped with all-wheel drives and a six-cylinder motor. Stylish cars and stretch packs feature optional extras such as high-quality, high-quality Surround Sounds, Ambience Illumination, preheated chairs, rear-seat air conditioning, side and back windows, and off-the-shelf lease trim as well as cockpit trim.

11) The Lincoln MKS limo. Starting price: $49,800. Constructed by the Ford Motor Company in Chicago, this is part of the four-door limousine MKS. In contrast to the XTS, the fully extended MKS limousines do not have the additional doors on both sides, but the vehicle has a selection between front-wheel and four-wheel drives.

The MKS limousine was launched by Lincoln in 2013 after its MKZ network turned out to be a much less desirable replacement for the Lincoln Town Car sedans, the most widely used chauffeur-driven sedans in the United States and Canada for over three centuries. The MKS sedan's both form and stretch version features genuine hide seats, either hot or cold back seats, satellitebased radios, ambient sounds, on-board bar and adjustable internal light systems depending on the choice of sedan services.

10) Porsche Cayenne Sedan. Starting price: $75,000. An elongated model of the Porsche Cayenne SUV. This saloon is driven by an eight-cylinder motor. On the basis of several resources, among them client ratings, the most beloved Cayenne sedan features appears to be the on-board soundsystem, which some client evaluators have compared to a full live performance.

9) Ssang Yong Chairman W. Initial price: $103,000. It is a fully-fledged luxurious formula constructed by Ssang Yong Motorsand of Korea and preferred by Southern Korea and other Asia limousine servicing companies for its four-wheel drivetrainability. Starting price: $105,500. As Chairman W, the Dignity is a full-size molded automobile or an unstretchable sedan, although some stretch styles were manufactured.

Mitsubishi Dignity was put back into operation in 2012 and has front-wheel propulsion and an eight-cylinder motor. Starting price: $113,000. Equus Limousine is a shaped vehicle with a slightly longer wheelbase than the Equus limousine fitted as Standard and a legrest in the back. Hyundai's default motor is a 6 V, but Hyundai also offer a 8 V in the armoured one.

Little is known about the limousine outside Korea, as the vehicle has not yet been fully sold in the United States. However, the standard equipment includes electric footpegs, wooden panelling, wooden seat covers, back legrests and even a massaging system inside the seat. 6) Chrysler 300 sedan. Starting price: $140,000.

This is a very elongated Chrysler 300 saloon, the medium distance is almost as long as the 300 series. It has a powerful supercharged 8 V diesel engines and is one of the best stretch sedans in many limousine series. Starting price: $154,000. Like the Cadillac XTS stretch, the stretch model usually has three side doorways.

Its S-Class sedan also boasts a twelve-cylinder motor and is one of the few sedans to have received accolades from major automobile publishing houses and critics such as Car and Driver and Motor Trend. 4) Cadillac One. $300,000. There' a good enough excuse for just one lump sum pricelist. Cadillac One has only one client - the President of the United States.

The Cadillac One, powered by the four-door DTS limousine, the sequel to the former Ville line, is not a limousine you can buy for a regular auto deal. It' s a Chevrolet Kodiak powered Kodiak trucks with headlamps inspired by the Escalade SUV and tail lamps inspired by the CTS saloon.

Starting price: $301,625. The Bentley Mulsanne is a less costly response to the Rolls-Royce Phantom and a stylish vehicle that provides a range of choices, among which electric blinds in the cabin that remind of vertically slatted windows. There are also carpet foot rests hidden under the front seat when not in use, and head rests with manual adjustment and lower pull-out than head rests can be easily tilted away.

Starting price: $470,295. Phantom is still a favourite option for marriages and other occasion. Fee: $534,135. Just like the Cadillac One, the Century Royal has only one operator and no utility vehicle company can buy one.

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