Current Domestic Flight Offers

Actual domestic flight offers

quote details outline Quotation details: Quotation Creation Steps: Any transaction concluded during this offering deadline with the relevant transaction codes will only be taken into account. Travelling date may extend beyond the expiration date of the quotation. Loan duration is only an indicator of the anticipated duration and may differ from the effective date of the loan.

The refund amount for all reservations will be applied to the same credit/debit balance used to make the reservation and will be reflected in the account (s) issued each month. Should the client not get the refund amount, he can assert it within 3 month from the date of posting.

Should the client fail to do so, he has no claim to the repayment amount. No further offers may be made by the client together with this quotation on the same reservation ID. It is not possible to transfer/assign the service to other persons or customers. Should the order be cancelled completely, the service will expire and the client is not entitled to a refund.

In the event the client cancel the trip once the reimbursement amount has been refunded, MakeMyTrip will subtract the reimbursement amount from the reimbursement and there will be a charge for it. Should the reservation be cancelled in part or in full, the quotation will be cancelled if the changed reservation amount is not refundable. Should the modified posting amount still be considered for repayment, it is correspondingly lowered.

Clients who are professional travel agents are excluded from making reservations for their clients and makemy trip has the right to refuse the quote against such reservations and to refuse such reservations. In such cases MakingMyTrip will not reimburse the amount of the reservation. If the customer abuses the service or the service, or if the service is not offered, the customer is allowed to refuse any claims.

Indian law governs the terms and conditions of this bid. Possible conflicts, which result from or in connection therewith, are exclusively the responsibility of the responsible court in Delhi. Any customer enquiries/disagreements about the bid should be made during the bid deadline or within 90 working days of the bid deadline.

In the event of a dispute, the client must provide a copy of the cost note and invoice, which must be sent to us by scanning, so that the case can be submitted for further examination. Quotation is non-transferable, non-negotiable and cannot be redeemed. Any incomplete / refused / invalid to / return / disputed or unauthorised / deceptive transaction will not be taken into account in the offering.

Holders of credit cards whose accounts are considered overdue are not entitled to the redemption benefit under the Bank's guidelines. Please refer to the privacy statement and user agreement on the makemytrip website. Every individual who uses this service is considered to have reviewed, fully understand and accept these general sales and delivery policies.

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