Used Gulfstream Jets for Sale

Second-hand Gulfstream Jets for sale

Gulfstream used jet aircraft on the international market for used aircraft. You in thejet market? Maybe now is a good one.

All of a sudden, personal jets are becoming cheap. The Gulfstream is delivering tens of its top G650' s to a queue of the wealthiest men in the globe, and as the General Dynamics units announce new jets like the 500 and G600, the used Gulfstream markets get a little saturated. "We see that some 550' have come onto the market," said Tyler Webb, head of distribution at Jeteffect, a key distributor of personal jets.

A year ago Webb said that there were 11 used Gulfstream G550s for sale. This 8-year-old is on the 8 -year-old plane for just under $ 32 million, about $ 20 million below the costs of a new one. Millionaires taking new jets try to resell their old ones.

For the G650, many homeowners hope to discharge their G450, Vs or 550 via Broker or via Gulfstream itself. Gulfstream G550 jets will be exhibited at the Singapore Airshow in February 2014. Attendees look at a Gulfstream G450 airplane at the India Aviation 2012 meeting in Hyderabad, India: "If you were on the air transport industry in 2006, say, and you got a bonus for your airplane, it would be a terrible period of your life to be selling it now because you have such a big success," Webb said.

According to Jeteffect, the used vehicle stock level reached its peak in 2008 with 3,100 sold planes. Mr Webb said that there is also an increase in consumer spending. A large part of the Gulfstream business has reverted to the United States as wealthy private and corporate customers who have not yet been able to purchase a higher value Gulfstream are beginning to see it as an opportunity.

As Jeteffect said, there was only one sale of a single model of the 550 in the first half of this year. What makes a businessman want to buy a perfect good plane to deal up to a size of 650? "That'?s the meowing of the kitten right now," Webb said. "Humans like to buy new planes." These factors are driving down the price of cheaper jets.

  • Webb said that older gifs "can begin anywhere between 3 and 4 million." However there is one used Gulfstream that you can currently resell at a good price - the G650. "but you can see somewhere between $70 and $75 million for them, which is actually a bonus for what they newly bought for them."

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