Aircraft Hire Rates

Rental prices for aircraft

Aeroplane usage and admission rates. Top rents for aircraft. We' ve got the largest fleet of planes in Colorado Springs. Redcliffe Aero Club offers high quality, well maintained and modern aircraft at excellent prices. At Poplar Grove Airport we have a fleet of rental aircraft to meet almost every need for private pilots.

Airplane Rental & Prices - Redcliffe Aero Club

Redcliffe Aero Clubs provides high performance, well serviced and up-to-date aircraft at great value for money. Redcliffe Aerodrome's fast cab times, minimum delay and no Redcliffe Aerodrome approach charges minimize the additional cost to further increase your floating dollars. The Redcliffe Aero Clubs provides rates on contacting our offices.

For a complete aircraft rental, instruction and course timetable, please call or come and see us. Privately chartered aircraft are available to members who rent an aircraft for privately operated travel. An instructor must be on a checkflight before a new member is hired privately for the first time. To make a reservation or cancel, please call the Club at (07) 3203 1777 (and avoiding cancellations).

The prices are:

Prices - T&G Flying Club

The T&G Flying Club is the world' s biggest flying club and uses the advantages of size and low headroom to provide the most economical education possible. We offer an unsurpassed mixture of high performance aircraft at competitive prices. Below you will find "NASSRATEN", which means that the tariff includes the gas.

Avoid apparently low "DRY" rates offered by others! It is a significant expense factor for flight operations and is concealed by a list of "dry" rates. A Cessna 172 will burn about $60/hour of petrol as a benchmark. Air direction tariffs:

Rental prices for instructors

Grove Airport disposes of a chartered aircraft to cover almost every need for individual pilots. If you need one of our state of the art instructors or a classic taillragger, you can be sure to rent a secure, well serviced aircraft. Pappelhain rents are calculated on the basis of the hours of use of the aircraft.

Use is charged in 1/10 hours steps and is measured by the "Hobbs meter" (like a timer) in each aircraft. Double prices listed below are including a certified instructor. In contrast to checked squares, which often demand a long cab or long delay in travel, your hire in the poplar forest is used to do what you pay for:

N36804GPS, Piper Arrow III, Auto Pilot Heading Holding, prices as of June 1, 2016 and may be modified. These aircraft, commonly referred to as "taildraggers", have one tail and two nose gears. These configurations are more common in antiques and classic aircraft. It is better for coarse or grassy stripes, and many believe that training a star wheeled aircraft will give better flight ability to students.

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