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Wiva Air Peru - United States. In South America there are several low cost airlines and flight pass options. Wow Air check-in counter at Icelandic Keflavik International Airport. Cheap airlines are increasingly resorting to freight in order to make use of available capacity and increase earnings. Undoubtedly, the revolution in cheap flights has changed the tourism market.

Low-cost airlines change the face of air travel

Ryanair is the face of low-cost travelling in Great Britain. Serving 37 European, Middle Eastern and North African markets. Ten years after Ryanair was founded in 1995, in the UK simpleJet took off with a portfolio of aircraft in either red or blue to compete with Ryanair. From 2018, the Austrian carrier, which has set up a holding in Austria to be succesful after Brexit, will be the fifth largest in Europe, with Ryanair in second place.

When Ryanair and easyJet became bigger, the travel packages business also grew. Due to the tendency towards inexpensive vacations, the combination of flights and hotels at a reasonable cost gained more and more people. Air carriers such as Jet2 and TUI UK are now flourishing through these public holidays, which sell both packages under the Jet2 Days and First Choice name.

As a result, low-cost carriers have started to consider the sale of additional accommodation to fly. "The Ryanair Rooms" offers you a great value room when you book your trip. easy-Jet has also introduced easy-Jet Holidays so clients can make savings by reserving a room at the same times as their trip. The airport is the biggest basis of easy-Jet and is also served by Ryanair and TUI.

However, in 2012 a new actor heralded its entry into the UK low-cost market: It'?s Danish. In spring 2013 Norway established a hub at London's Gatwick International Airports, where it will fly to Scandinavia, North America and European recreational locations. Gatwick is the 10th best destination for Alicante in Spain, where easyJet, Norweger, Ryanair and TUI and British Airways offer their services.

What about low cost touring now? Low-cost carrier account for more than 36 per cent of the European air transport industry, according to OAG analyses. All of these companies are investigating the overall tourist packages and Norwegian, easyJet and Ryanair are the sellers of all hotels with a flight. Increasing trends towards all-inclusive hotels have led to a sharp rise in the number of packages taken, as more and more travellers want to get away with everything included in a single rate.

Low-cost carriers want to make far less expensive with their parcels. Ryanair and easyJet have made their mark throughout Europe with low-cost air travel. Larger names of carriers are also beginning to deal with low-cost itineraries. Lufthansa Eurowings is promising low rates throughout Europe and North and South America and IAG LEVEL expands on the European market following its successful crossing of the Atlantic.

Will there be a bright future for cheap travelling?

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