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Find useful information about renting and chartering helicopters. At Air Resources Helicopters Incorporated, we provide safe, reliable and cost-effective air services throughout the country. Rental conditions for helicopters Pricing for the helicopter taxis varies according to the helicopter model and the length of the helicopter trip. Sightseeing helicopter trips have a set rate. Routes and durations may change according to weathers.

Tariffs for helicopter sling loads apply to the real value of the flights. The total cost includes staff on the floor, preparation and safeguarding of material for hoisting and landings.

Landing by helicopter outside a publicly accessible aerodrome requires the landowner's permit. Remember that choppers are lightweight. For this reason, an estimated amount of body mass is required for the pricing. The majority of civil on-site aircraft are powered by a mono motor and are approved for daytime flight only.

To fly in the dark requires a twin-engine helicopter. Inquiries for helicopter rentals and helicopter trips can be made online at any given moment. Landing permit helicopter of the landlord is required outside airport. Aeronautical authority requires that helicopters, luggage, passenger, flight crews and third parties are insured. The operation of the lifting strap is subject to special requirements. The helicopter service will be paid directly to the helicopter owner according to his conditions and pricing.

There may be conditions beyond the helicopter company's reasonable sphere of command and oversight. Helicopter photography has limitations in some states. Photos for personal use only, taken by a chartered aeroplane such as a helicopter, are permitted. Hubschrauber are very expensive machines and must be as far as possible in the sky.

If you wish to void your helicopter reservation or switch to another date or date, what do you do? Reservation Fees are for the use of this site and are a transaction-based charge for the use of intangible assets represent by the Programme in the site. Operations are carried out by certificated helicopter firms.

For Helicopter Flights Ltd. it is important that the company has all the information about the clients that are being referred.

Helicopter leasing - Air Resources

These include most facets of line design, powerline/pipeline patrol and surveying (LiDAR and image analysis). Beyond pure adherence, we aim for a higher level of security through our text message system (SMS). At Air Resources Helicopters Incorporated, we provide secure, dependable and cost-effective air transportation throughout the state. Never will we use person reports to take sanctions against any staff member or client who, in good faith, reveals a threat or security incident resulting from unintended, unintended or non-intentional behaviour.

Hubschraubercharter offers a degree of versatility that is not common with fixed-wing helicopters. The Air Resources pilot has been formally trained in "flying in wire and obstacle environments". Pilot's have vast experiences covering most aspect of line design, powerline/pipeline patrol and surveying (LiDAR and image analysis).

Since the beginning of our activities, Air Resources Helicopters has been intensively engaged in fire suppression. Heliskiing is the best way to get the most out of nature and the beautiful mountain scenery in cold winters. Since its foundation, Air Resources has been active in this sector, with some of our flyers having over 30 years of helicopter ski mountaineering expertise.

We are always willing to use our facilities and staff for emergency aid. All of our pilot have many years of professional expertise in emergency aid at federal and state level. One of the leading suppliers of helicopter services for various oil and natural resources customers around the globe.

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