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Charter flight tickets

Air services to and from Crete Please note: Please be aware that we book flight bookings to help you planning your journey to Crete. Regular national flights: More Heraklion & Chania Fares ~ More Sitia Fares More Airshop Fares to Crete. grAbout Charter Fares to CreteDirect Fares from Lufthansa UK to Crete from UKDirect Fares to Crete from other landsMore Airlines to Crete from Netherlands, USA, Germany, Norway, UK & other landsDirect Fares to Crete from CyprusFlight to Crete via Athens from Europe, the USA or other landsFlight to Crete via Qatar Airways from various Middle East Destinations,

Doha-Qatar, Europe and many moreLast flight and ferry ticket listings from Aktina TravelMore flight to/from Crete with SkyscannerCheap flight from all over the globe to Crete, GreeceMore flight listings from all over the globe to Crete, GreeceBest flight listings on flight listings from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) to Iraklion with ExpediaTransavia~ flight listings from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) to Iraklion. On Crete there are three airports: Iraklion International airport (or "Kazantzakis" International highway - code: HER) Chania International highway (or "Daskalogiannis" - code: CHQ) and the small Sitia International highway (code: JSH).

They are all internation airfields, Iraklion airfield access: Busses run regularly between Iraklion and Eleftherias Place (centre); tickets should be purchased before getting on and are 1 euro to the heart of the city. There is an offical fee that is contained in the above estimations when a cab brings you to or from an airfield or dock.

Pay to park: Pay to park, directly opposite the street, opposite the main gate of the city. Airports facilities: You will find cash/ATM dispensers for withdrawing and withdrawing banknotes, an exchanging office (see also Geld & Währung auf Kreta) for coffee and refreshments as well as a café/restaurant. Acces to Hania airport: There are few, rare busses at Hania International Airports - a cab is the best choice if you don't rent a vehicle.

Chargeable (quite expensive) spaces are available in front of the terminal buildings. A few hundred meters before the gate of the aerodrome there are long-term parkings (cheaper). Airports facilities: To get to Sitia airport: by cab or automobile. Free of charge free of charge is available at the airports. Airports facilities: Inside Greece all departures are a quick jump, so one might think there would be little choice between them.

Aegean Airlines (), our favorite airline (), is one of the best airlines in Europe in our opinion, only for reasons of speed and reliability. An Aegean Airlines has a code-sharing arrangement with Lufthansa - links to Lufthansa hub and gateways take some countries in Europe "closer" to Athens, Thessaloniki and all of Aegean' Greece destinations.

A new flight for Cyprus Airways - ( since 2012. The SkyExpress (www.skyexpress. gr) is a local airline located in Heraklion Crete. The company owns and operated an 18-seater Jetstream 3102 airliner that connects Crete with other Greeks such as Rhodes, Santorini, Kos, Mykonos and Mytilini (Lesvos). Since 2012, Sitia has been open for charter flight, which makes it much more accessible to the eastern part of Crete.

In order to help you find charter destinations for Crete, below is a listing of sites offering charter destinations with on-line reservations. Alternative airline companies. com ~ Planes from anywhere to Crete, inclusive of regular, charter and low budget airline companies. uk ~ Great Britain and Ireland to Crete flight - good system and clear reservation layout....great choice of flight options. uk ~ Again a good reservation system and a good choice of planes. TUI. com~ TUI. to Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, East Midlands, Glasgow, London Gatwick, London Luton, Manchester, Newcastle. Hania to London Gatwick, Manchester. Cheap airline flying directly from Leeds/Bradford International Airports to Iraklion. Budgetair. ~ i. e. planes from Ireland (Cork, Dublin, Shannon) to Corklion.

Transvia~ air services from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) to Heraklion. Hania-London Gatwick, Heraklion to Bristol, Berlin Schönefeld, Rome Fiumicino, Milan Malpensa. Crete charter services are also available from most other major destinations in Europe, France, Holland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Israel and other places - in some cases they are available through your own domestic tourist agency and on-line through various web sites in each state.

Aregean Airlines ~ Regular services Italy (Rome) and Germany (Düsseldorf, Munich) and more to Heraklion. Transvia~ air services from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) to Heraklion. Edelweiss ~ Departures from Switzerland (Zurich, Basel, Bern, Geneva) to Crete. Switzerland ~ From Switzerland (Zurich, Basel, Bern, Geneva) to Crete. il~ El Al flight from Israel to Heraklion.

Plane from Germany & Austria to Iraklion and Chania. A Condor~ flight from Germany to Iraklion and Chania. English words ~ Departures from Germany (Cologne/Bonn) to Iraklion ("Cheap airline"). The NeosAir ~ flight from Italy (Rome, Milan, Verona, Bologna) to Iraklion and Chania. Luxembourg Luxair ~ Luxembourg flight to Iraklion and Chania.

Luxembourg ~ Scandinavia Airlines (Sweden-Stockholm, Denmark-Copenhagen, Norway-Oslo) to Chania. Nordic ~ From Norway (Oslo) to Chania by plane. Norway Airlines Shuttle~ Flights from Norway (Oslo) to Iraklion (low fare airline). Niceir ~ Departures from Hungary (Budapest) and Poland (Katowice) to Iraklion (low fare airline). Bellair~ ( page in German & French ) from Switzerland to Belllion (airlines: Bellair, Edelweiss airline, Swiss).

NewWings ~ Czech Republic (Prague) flight to Iraklion and Chania (low budget airline). Alternative airline companies. com~ Air services from anywhere to Crete, inclusive of regular, charter and low budget airline companies. Cyprus Airways & Aegean Airlines~ Flights from Larnaka (Cyprus) to Iraklion. From and to Athens all services come and go from the new Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airports in Spata, northeast of Athens.

Please find our information about Athens International Airports (access, transport, taxis). The Athens International Airports website with useful information about airline companies, arrival and departure times in real-time, park. Drive via Athens to Crete to visit the attractions - take a look at our Athens tour leader. English words ~ Trips from Germany (Cologne/Bonn) to Athens (and Heraklion). From Athens, Aegean Air Lines operates services to Great Britain (London Gatwick), Germany (Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Hanover) & Italy (Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples, Genoa, Trieste, Turin, Catania, Lamezia, Bari) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam), France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels), Portugal (Lisbon), Bulgaria (Sofia), Romania (Bucharest), Egypt (Cairo).

Review the timetable on-line and make reservations. Virginal Express (or Brussels Airlines) operates a flight from Brussels to Athens Centralewings ~ From Poland (Krakow) to Athens. Also see for flight from anywhere to Crete. Olympic Air also operates Athens to the USA (New York) and Canada (Montreal). of Aegean Airlines:

801-11-20000, Athens 210-6261000, 210-9988300, Iraklion 2810-344324, 330475. 801 801 801 01 01 01 01, Athens 210 35 50 500, Iraklion International Airports 2810-337203. 307 (2) 663054 (Cyprus), 2810-342776, 342789 (Reservations - Heraklion), 2810-223462 (Airport - Heraklion). Exclusion of liability: We try to keep these timetables up to date for your benefit, but you should always call the airline to verify them.

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