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Avarage and low fares from the main cities of the USA and Canada. At the time of publication, all prices are current, but may fall or rise at any time. The Airfare Dig searches the Internet for some of the best current airfare sales.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday flight offers for 2017

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The website has several hundred great value First and Business Class fares.

Look for low first or lower priced air tickets and you will receive a range of advertisements from various international and international websites. If you can find low budget cab fare, it's usually a specialty carrier where you may not be able to collect mileage for your favourite programme, or it's a complicated itinerary.

When I look at, for example, the best $3,500 return rate for casual data I typed in between New York and London for a United Airlines route from Newark to Toronto with first-class seats domestically was over $3,500, then an almost five-hour stay before I fly WestJet in Preferred Economics.

Because WestJet is not part of a worldwide airline network, you will not be able to book your Toronto-London travel back to your American Airlines, Delta Air Lines or United airline programmes. With the same data from Google Financials I found in Premium Economy non-stop flight for $2,391 from Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Google gave me some good tariffs for business class - all links - just under $3,000, but when I was looking for first class tariffs, they rose to over $9,000, still less than full, but a big bump for most people's paperbacks. So, where can you get some really good offers to get comfortable flying?

I am speaking of a return flight in British Airways from London to San Francisco in British Airways for $1,900 in both directions, if the standard fare is between $5,000 and $15,000. Visit the Premium Fare Deals board on Flyertalk, one of about 100 different boards on the site and not readily visible unless you are a frequent visitor and know it is there.

Most of the site is used by a mix of hard-core kilometers and point junkie hovering in fora that specifically analyze airlines, hotels and auto hire programmes where they focus on earning points. However, the premium rate offers are particularly interesting if you are versatile. Contrary to error rates, i.e. an air carrier has published a wrong rate and people step in and try to buy places for pennys on the US dollars until the air carrier gets on, premium fee deal prices are a legit tariff that the air carrier tries to negotiate on this itinerary.

There is a big discrepancy between what happens with error rates and what happens with error rates, because when carriers recognise their error, they do not always comply with the rate. Purchasers are waiting anxiously to receive an e-mail from the carrier and cannot really easily breath until they are back, concerned that the carrier at a flying stop suddenly cancels their tickets.

For premium fares published in Flyertalk, many of them are associated with carriers that are part of the three main international coalitions - Oneworld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam. This is important because it allows you to earn credits for the three biggest U.S. programmes American, United's MileagePlus and Delta's SkyMiles, Advantage.

Things change every day when members find and publish businesses. The IAkH member, for example, has booked a roundtrip business travel rate with Air France or KLM from New York or Chicago to Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bali for only 2,400 dollars. If you look at the coincidental data for September, the same flight sells for between $3,600 and $5,000, with airline companies like Emirates and Cathay Pacific demanding over $6,000.

Members Swingaling found a Premium Economy Deal Roundtrip from Toronto or Montreal to Johannesburg or Cape Town for only $1,260, about 70% less than the fare I found on a journey last year. American Airlines pilots collect mileage on their air plane accounts as the British Airways services are operated.

SoulFlyer member SoulFlyer released on June 11 a $2,200 business class round trip Delta or United flight from Las Vegas to Beijing, well below average rates of $4,000 to $8,000 or more. In contrast to many other rates when I looked today, the low rates were still available. However, there are many good offers if you are agile, and in some cases you don't care to fly a location price to get to where the low rate starts.

As I browsed through the Premium Rates section, I found Miami to Tenerife in Premium Economy for a $986 round-trip flight that would accumulate mileage on my America Airlines bankroll. And there was an US transaction between Newark and Beijing in Busines for $2,300. A premium economy contract was signed with Americans from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Hong Kong for $994 return, while Qatar Airways (a U.S. affiliate ) offered $2,900 return for IBC between New York, Chicago or Los Angeles to a wide range of destinations in Southeast Asia and $1,700 to Delhi.

Some premium rates do not apply to locations that are highly exclusive. In June, member George84 had already booked a JetBlue Mint fares from JFK or Boston to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle for only $399 one way.

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