Standby Airline Tickets

Standby flight tickets

Stand-by tickets: The way it works, what it takes In the past, standby mode (sometimes called " same-day change ") meant purchasing a budget fare for the next empty seat outing. Today, standby usually means that you have already bought a fare but would like to take an early plane ride, or perhaps would rather fall asleep and take a later one. Here's how to do that on US carriers. Stand-by is never a guarantee; today's airline companies are working really hard to fill every space, making empty ones increasingly difficult for standby travellers to get.

There are a few places available, but most of them will taste good. Usually the free tickets go to members of our club or those who have already bought First or Middle League tickets (but this may vary depending on the airline, so always check).

For those who purchase more costly reimbursable economies of scale seating, there is no charge. Standby guidelines and pricing are subject to changes without prior notification. Review your airline's application or website for the latest update and contacts or click on the link below. AirAlaska AirAlaska provides free same-day standby on the date of flight for some destinations including Alaska, Pacific Northwest and California towns.

Other standby enquiries are subject to a $25 charge. AmericasFor travel within North America, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, Americans charge $75 for the same date standby time for previous travel. There is no charge for members of the Abudvantage Executive, nor for those who travel with Army, First-class, Bus, Rail or Bus tickets.

Delta Saturday readiness for previous departures is $75 unless you have top animal rating on Delta's SkyMiles programme. Frontier Elite members of Frontier's EarlyReturns programme may be available free of charge for previous or subsequent outings. However, you must notify JetBlue before your initial sailing itinerary. South West Standby is free for those who own the more costly Business Select and reimbursable tickets.

For those who buy the lower Wanna Get Away tariffs, they must buy to be upgraded to the Anytime tariff to enter standby mode. Stand-by is typically free for members of MileagePlus from the Gold Standard; others are charged a $75 surcharge.

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