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"'For the adventurous traveler, that can be a lot." Intermediate stops/city tours, tailor-made travel ideas, holiday packages with air ticket. Explore Iceland and Scotland and enjoy a multi-city, cross-country holiday.

European holiday packages for several cities with one or more budgets

10 x Express Bus Tickets inclusive of one piece of cabin baggage and two pieces of regular baggage free of cost. They can support a max. load of 30 kg per passenger. PDF tour information that you can also have downloaded to your iPhone or tray, Best European Tours reviewed by our customers:

Europäische Busreisen - Holiday packages

When you are a traveler and discoverer at your core who wants to explore Europe, we have a selection of more than 50 tourist package deals to offer! Ranging from introducing cross-national travel routes to more regionally deep journeys, they offer a variety of travel flavours. Our Europe holiday has something for everyone, from Europe festivals to sight-seeing tours, from thrilling photography to experience.

More than 50,000 discoverers have traveled with us in the last ten years. Being one of the European leaders in travel by coach, we are offering cheap travel package deals at an attractive rate. More than 10 years of travel and hotel search expertise in Europe. The large number of travelers we have every year means we can arrange great deals and give you the best prices.

That means that you can book your entire trip to Europe conveniently directly with us (and do not have to owe any commission). And if you want a competitive edge on your travel itineraries, we also have great deals to help you cut costs on European trips from Italy, the UK, Germany and other European destinations and towns across the world.

Who' s traveling with us? In contrast to any other travel agency, we do not have any limitations on ages. Welcome discoverers from all over the world who travel Europe with us - single people, family members, pairs, young people and everyone else in quest of adventures.

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