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Cheapest International Air Ticket

Buy and travel on the right day and enjoy a 30% discount on your ticket. Tuesday is the best date for departing, Sunday the most costly if we calculate all our inland goals together. It is interesting to note that Sunday is the least favourite holiday with Tuesday as the second lesson. With the same method, the best travelling date for international flight is actually Saturday (Figure 1), which is also one of the most favourite travelling dates.

Price and searching behaviour, however, vary widely between different market segments, so that average formation can be deceptive. By way of illustration, we were counting how many stores had their lowest price every weekday, and the responses were different. There are more national and international stores with their lowest price on Wednesday (Figure 2) and their most costly price on Sunday.

The best departure date saves between $40 and $50 for the home market and $40 and $60 for the international marketplace. Tuesday is on a Tuesday basis the best date for returning home and Monday the best date for returning abroad (Figure 3).

As with the best date of exit, however, the least expensive dates are different when the analyst considers the number of market places after the least expensive date rather than the mean. Both national and international targets were best for most Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday with Tuesday being the best for national and Wednesday for international targets (Figure 4).

But the most costly date for the homecoming is Friday. On the best possible date of arrival, the saving potentials are between 40 and 60 US dollars for national and international travel in comparison to bookings on the worse possible date. Among the most common hints is to buy a flight on a Tuesday (1) after the airline price changes.

When looking at our prices, we found that for home travel, the lowest fares are actually on Thursday and for international travel, Saturday and Sunday are the lowest (Figure 5). While the price differential from single days can be significant in selected countries, the saving averages only about $10 for the home market and $30 for the international market.

Request is presented as the number of requests that are not actually ticket sales and is recalibrated across all GDS resources for each store. To do this study, we took a look at about 11 thousand global stores, 7,500 national and 3,500 international, which have had a minimum of 1,000 hits per month since 1 January 2013.

There are two methods we have used to find the best departure, drop-off and buying time. First, we calculated the average fares to find the least expensive flights, and second, we calculated the number of least expensive flights for each weekday.

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