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Air charter, aircraft management and maintenance services. Contact details of the aircraft operator and fleet for MERIDIAN AIR CHARTER. The Meridian Regional Airport offers flights to two major American Airlines hubs, Dallas and Chicago.

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If your goal is New York City, Teterboro is by far the most comfortable, effective and time-saving one. It is just a few moments from Midtown Manhattan, a place most businessmen will appreciate. Teterboro is the perfect place when it comes to playing a role - and it almost always is.

Him and his brother-in-law, both US Army Air Force fighters in World War II, founded an airline that has developed into today's Meridian. Soon after the grassy roads were paving, they constructed a small hanger in Teterboro and opened the Mallard Air service. After three years, they relocated to a new air base and Shanghai airport and named it the Executive Aircraft Center for Metropolitan New York.

Nearly seventy years later, the founders own boy, Ken Forester, Jr., looks down on the Manhattan sky from the same runway. Throughout these years, the sky and the personal airline industry have developed and expanded, but the initial passion and passion for the Big Apple and the passion for flying has not altered.

Ken, Jr. runs the company, which has developed into a state-of-the-art, fully-fledged privately held airline. The Meridian provides an award-winning FBO and FBO facility, air charters globally that meet the industry's highest security standard, turn-key owner managed operations and jets servicing for base and ground planes, as well as a detailed crew of professionals.

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