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Sri Lanka Airlines | UL | ALK The SriLankan Airlines, the Sri Lankan Airlines, was founded in 1979 as Air Lanka. World' s Friendliest Cabin Staff and Best Airlines in Central Asia are among the airline's many accolades. It is a member of the Oneworld-Allianz. Earn points for aerodrome purchases, parks, Heathrow Express and more..

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UL504 to Colombo from London

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Discount flights from London Heathrow to Sri Lanka from £347

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The Heathrow to Colombo and back - Review by SriLankan Airlines

on the night of January 2, 2018. Our trip was postponed by one and a half hours and we traveled to the city. Assigned to us were 2 end places on the central island with 4 places and we got both a kind and good quality welcome for the 9 hours 50 minutes long ride.

Eating was more than reasonable and regularly served beverages. Our plane back, January 16, again from Colombo to Heathrow, was a noontrip. Once again the meal was good, but we were sitting in the 2 central 2 seated 4 seater central bench, which felt pretty claustrophobic when the front was lowered, but that's economics, I guess.

A longer drive back, 11 hour 30 minute, was fine, but the servicing was not quite as good, as the cab crews maintained scheduled servicing to the right gear and less servicing to the right gear - central seating made it hard to draw the focus of fast-moving people. There is a cover and a pillow, but for the way back the cab was freezing and I went to the back and got an additional one.

It was not a long, easy return trip, but I would still be flying with SriLankan Airlines again.

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