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Click on "Add destination" and enter "Sydney" and "London" in the last search fields. Indeed, even a routine Google search reveals almost nothing of it. Flight Journeys - How can you search for a multi-destination flight if you react flexibly to appointments?

Every ticket price is linked to a certain trip category, but also has many regulations, e.g. when it is effective, how long you have to be booked in advance, how long you have to remain at your destination and/or whether you have to spend the weekend, and whether intermediate stops are permitted (and if so, how many, where, under which circumstances, on which route, etc.).

Please be aware that the lower rates generally do not allow for intermediate stops, although this can differ greatly from carrier to carrier. As a rule, the most commonly used prices are listed in price listings, but you will need to familiarise yourself with the tariff regulations for stops. You can see the tariff category in the first character of the tariff.

Afterwards, you can view the availabilities of the individual segments for the different possible dates. If you want to consider only the fares that interest you, you can choose to apply a special filtering option. As a rule, availabilty is displayed like F4 J7 IE4 Z2 Y9 R69 M4, etc. It is the price category and the number is the number of available places in that category (9 really means >=9).

The next step is to find a combined flight on each flight sector, each with its own available fares for the desired category (bucket). Remember that it can quickly become quite complicated if you combine different carriers, which is probably the case if you want a one-way stop but not a one-way stop.

Please also bear in mind that intermediate stops entail extra costs: in addition to the higher tariff, there are usually slightly higher tax charges.

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