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Some of the most popular manufacturers of private jet aircraft are listed below. Privatjet-Charter - Aircraft manufacturer Although it is now part of the story who was the later champion, propeller-driven airplanes are still very well suited for short flights, with jet planes being better suited to fly longer journeys later. Since it was the wealthy and celebrities who were the original leaders, private jet aviation in the 1960s was the culmination of luxuriousness, opulence and convenience.

Even though the focus is still on luxuries, the focus is on function as an important criterion for the actual target public, for companies as well as for private shop keepers and Charterer. Some of the most beloved private jet airplane makers are below. Known as the maker of the world's biggest commercial jetliner, the Airbus A380, the large European producer has offices around the globe and is Boeing's biggest ally.

The Airbus planes are known to be marked with the suffix "A" followed by a three-digit number. Initially started as a syndicate of Aeronautic and Space Producers, Airbus Industrie and was formerly held by the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Corporation (EADS) (80%) and BAE Systems (British Electronic Electronic) (20%), Supermarine, maker of the legendary World War II Spitfire, a precursor to BAE Systems.

While Airbus is better known for producing large commercial and defence jets, our Corporates Jets business unit sells and modifications new jets for private and business use. Bechcraft is a well-known U.S. builder and provider of a broad line of lightweight one- to twin-engine turbo-prop airplanes for education, general and defense use.

In 1942, the company's famed Beechcraft Model 18 airplane received five awards for manufacturing efficiencies, and both it and the derived Beechcraft Bonanza, first manufactured in 1947, are still in great demand and in use today. In 2012, after the insolvency, the famed name Hawker Beechcraft was "withdrawn" in favor of Beechcraft Corporation after it had fully recuperated under the property of Textron.

Headquartered in Chicago, the large multi-national Boeing Corporation (which relocated from Seattle in 2001) is renowned the globe over for its "7" class planes and the immediately recognizable "Jumbo" jet. Rooted in a Seattle dockyard, the business had initially become a large hydroplane producer in its early years. Although the corporation is now one of the worlds top airframe companies, it is not often recognized that it is also the world's second top aviation, space and defence group and one of the U.S.'s top exporting companies in terms of U.S. dollars value income.

In addition, it purchased Short Brothers of Belfast in 1989 and the Boeing affiliate de Havilland, Aircraft of Canada, in 1992. It also produces the Challenger Blue Jet range, the Global range and airliners, turbo-props and ammunition. It dates back to the year 1911, when Clyde Cessna built and flew his own plane from canvas.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Cessna sold more airplanes than any other producer. Part of this achievement is due to the fact that in the mid-20th century the firm became the world's first airplane maker to commercialize its airplanes in the same way as the Detroit carmakers did with their automobiles.

All this despite the scorn they received from other airplane companies. The Cessna fleet comprises a broad spectrum of predominantly commercial jetliners, from high-flying single-engine four-seater planes to twin-engine long-range commercial jetliners. It is now a Textron affiliate. Though the best-known Mirage combat plane is a maker of combat planes, the civil department is in charge of the renowned Falcon and Mystere series of commercial and industrial planes.

Specifically, the company's Falcon Line of Commercial Jets is particularly well received and respected for its flexibility in seating configuration and luxurious design, ideal for the requirements of airline commission. It has been a kind of past rollercoaster ride in which private equity holders and the government of France have invested in the firm at various stages during its life.

At present, it is half of the Dassault Group and half of the Airbus Group, which belonged to the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Corporation (EADS) until 2014. The Embraer is a Brasilian producer of civil, law enforcement, defence and farm aeroplanes headquartered in São Paulo. Together with its major competitor Bombardier, the airline is competing for the third biggest airframe producer in the globe after Airbus and Boeing.

Until the mid -1970s it was exclusively a local producer. In addition, some 2,500 licensed Piper lightweight aircrafts were manufactured between 1974 and 2000. Gulfstream Aerospace, Georgia, established in 1958, manufactures the famed "G" and three numbered planes. Her first 12-seater Grumman Gulfstream was the first of its kind to be specially designed for corporate use.

Gulfstream's G650 took off in 2008, breaking new grounds with an almost "perfect corporate jet configuration" with a long cruising distance of 7,000 sea-mile ( 12,964 km), a high Mach 0.85 cruising rate (or Mach 0.925 for short hauls), a large cab and a state-of-the-art dashboard. Most of the company's present fleet of eponymous planes consists of twin-engine corporate jetliners, although they are said to have been working on a super-sonic jet for several years.

Founded in 1884, the Italien aeronautics and space technology firmiaggio is one of the oldest aircraft producers in the whole hemisphere. In addition to manufacturing aircraft, it also produces and services, refurbishes and reconditions parts, produces jet, turbo-wave and turboprop thrusters and has partnership contracts with Rolls-Royce, Pratt and Whitney and Honeywell.

The range of models of the same name extends from single-seater specialised pro, research and defence aeroplanes to commercial aeroplanes, amphibia and large scale fighters. Founded in Switzerland in 1939, the enterprise began with the assembly of double -decker scouting systems as spare parts and the reconditioning of other aircrafts. Founded in the 1950s and 1960s, the firm worked extensively on STOL (Short Take-off and Landing) commercial airliners and over the years pioneered the manufacture of turboprop airliners.

Pilatus PC-12 single-engine personal and freighter turbo-prop airliner is very much loved by business and international airlines.

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