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Individual Jet Owners

and Celeb private jets. The world's most famous and elaborate private aircraft are located here. One private jet lands at Sun Valley Airport and closes dozens of other private and...

An overwhelming majority of the wealthy people who fly privately are self-made: the Matterhorn to adapt:

Register of private jet owners

In fact, he has many private aircraft, among them two Boeing 747s. It also has a large boat called Queen Miri. The Duchoissos Group, a private equity firm. The Chamberlain Manufacturing Co. (Defense Equipment). Mr. Duchossois is involved in equestrian sports, owning the Arlington Park Race Track and was Executive Secretary of the Thoroughbreed Racing Association.

Owned a big $75 million boat called the Blue Moon. Crane Jim is a Gulfstream G550 registered with the Jim Crane G550 registry using Jim Crane G550 and Jim Crane G550. Mr Jim Crane est Président et Directeur Général de Crane Capital Group, die Champion Energy, Crane Worldwide Logistics et Crane Freight & Shipping besitzt. The Houston Astros, the US sports club headquartered in Houston, Texas, is also owned by Jim Crane.

Crane' net assets are valued at $2 billion. According to some source Marc Cuban is the proprietor of the Boeing 767 with the registry No. 767MW. N393BV and a large sailboat called EOS. Barry Diller has a Bombardier BD 700 with the N393BV registry. Gates has a jet, with the registry NM887WM (WM for his parent William and Mart), he also often uses a Boeing Business Jet, which charters from Netjets.

Mr. Geffen own a Gulfstream G650 with registry no.221DG. Its net assets are valued at $6.5 billion. One of the biggest boats in the whole wide ocean, the Sun Sail. Gillings is the proprietor of a Gulfstream G650 jet with the N912GGG registry. Founded in 1982 as a private enterprise, Quintiles has evolved in recent years from a small gathering of statistics and student staff to the world's leading supplier of bio-pharmaceutical service, a FORTUNE 500 enterprise with nearly 35,000 staff operating in 100 different markets.

In 1994 Dennis Gillings floated Fintiles on the stock exchange with his first flotation (IPO) and then carried out a levered buy-out to make the business private again in 2003. For 10 years until its second flotation in 2013, Qintiles was a private group. Dennis Gillings' net value is valued at $1 billion.

ohn henry is the proprietor of a Bombardier Global 5000 private jet. It is a millionaire with net assets of $2.6 billion and is known for ownership of the Boston Red Sox. And he also has a big boat called Elysian. Gulfstream G650 Jet with registry code X2N belongs to Laurene Powell Jobs of Steve Jobs.

Laurene Powell Jobs, his widow, came into possession of 5.5 million Apple stock valued at $7 billion and a 7% interest in The Walt Disney Corporation valued at $9 billion. and Laurene Powell Jobs own a big boat called Venus. Actually, his firm has multiple jet engines. The Khan also has one of the biggest boats in the world: the Kismet.

He owns a Gulfstream G650 with the registry code PN616KG. Among his investment are the Rand Whitney Group packing firm and Gilette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Its net assets are valued at $3.5 billion. Mr Ralph Lauren owns a Gulfstream G650 with registered office no.711RL.

Lauren is an U.S. based couturier and proprietor of the Ralph Lauren Corporation apparel group. Ralph Lauren's net assets are valued at more than $8 billion. Mr Ronald Perelman owns a Gulfstream G650 with registry number 838MF. MF concerns the Perelman holdings MacAndrews & Forbes Co.

He is a prosperous private equity firm, investing $14 billion through his private holdings MacAndrews and Forbes. In Perelman there is a large boat by the name of C 2. Reyes holds two jets: one 2014 Gulfstream G550 with registry mark R550R and one 2015 Go650 with registry mark 108R. The Reyes Group is the proprietor of Reyes Holdings.

We are a wholesale and distribution hospitality retailer located in the USA. The business areas comprise McDonald's distribution partner Martin-Brower, the Reinhart FoodService grocery store and the retail brewer Reinhart Beverage Group. is one of the biggest private corporations in the United States. Christopher Reyes' net value is valued at 2.6 billion US dollars.

Mr. James Simon is the founding father of Renaissance Technologies, a highly acclaimed venture capitalist. The net assets of Simon's are valued at more than $15 billion. One Gulfstream G650 is James Simon's commercial jet. There is also a large archimedes boat he has. Its jet is grey coloured, like its Skat and Medina yachts, Washington Houses.

Spielberg is the proprietor of a brandnew Gulfstream G650 with the number N900KS. It is officially licensed to a business associated with Amblin Entertainment, the movie and TV manufacturing firm established by Steven Spielberg. He is one of the co-founders of DreamWorks Studios and is known for movies such as Schindler's List (1993) and Saving Private Ryan (1998), Jaws (1975), E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) and Jurassic Park (1993).

Spielberg possesses a large sailing vessel called Seven Seas, the name refers to his seven kids. Its net assets are valued at 3.7 billion US dollars. A Boeing 757 is owned by Donald Trump. Van Tuyl Larry is owned by a Gulfstream G280 with the registry G711VT.

The Van Tuyl also possesses a Microcopter with the registry system NV735VT built on the Vanish boat. Has the Orlando Magic NBA baseball squad. Its net assets are valued at $6 billion. The DeVos Boeing 737 BBJ has the Orlando Magic emblem on the stern. You and your man Bill Laurie also own a big boat called Secret.

Winfrey Oprah is the owners of a 2015 Gulfstream Winfrey 650. Wynn own two private jets: One G450 with N88WR registry (Wynn Resorts) and one with N711SW registry (Steve Wynn). Previously he owned a BBJ 737 with the N88WR registry, but it was released in 2015.

Wynn also has a large boat called Aquarius. Unsurprisingly, we were informed that Shawn Corey Carter, also known as Jay-Z, is the proprietor of a LearJet with the N60GF inscription. By 2014, Forbes put Jay Z's net assets at nearly $520 million.

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