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Learn why Yellow Cab is your choice for taxi services. Vans: Seattle-Tacoma (SeaTac) Airport Taxicab, Seattle Taxi Cab, Bellevue Taxi Cab, Renton Taxi Cab. Fast questions and answers: What are taxes like in Iceland?

With McDonald's and H&M on every road nook and cranny in an increasingly globalised environment (except Iceland), it sometimes seems as if the targets you're heading for all look and touch the same. Fortunately, if you look under the surfaces, each land still has small detail and nuance that gives you this dizzying sense of tourism and after all the question I get on my trips on this topic, cabs in Iceland are a permanent source of confusion for visitors.

What are the taxi services in Reykjavík / Iceland like? No, there is no Uber or Lyft in Iceland, so you have to count on good old-fashioned cabs for this type of transport. When you stay in the city center, you probably won't need much money, but let's just say you do for this one.

Taxi cabs in Iceland don't look like anything in particular. They' re not all yellows as in New York or blacks and strangely shapes as in London. At that time cabs were often luxurious such as Mercedes and BMW, but today they are of all makes and heights.

So if you're travelling with a strangely formed piece of baggage or something that may not suit in a smaller vehicle, it's good to note that when you reserve the taxi, you're sending a vehicle that suits your needs. They are all provided with yellows, except in October when the plates are rose (for the months of detection of breast cancers).

They don't call taxis in Iceland, they call for you. When you are in the city centre, there are also a few taxi ranks where the taxis queue for the next trip and you can also get one from there. There is a taxi line that you should go to, but sometimes you can jump the line by calling a taxi in the right places.

However, not all of them will stop, those who conform will probably go directly to the taxi line. We have two big taxi businesses in Iceland, Hreyfill Bæjarleiðir and BSR, and a few smaller ones that I never use myself. Hreyfill's number is +354-588-5522 and BSR +354-561-0000. Any Icelander (older than 25 years) knows these numbers because of the advertisements these firms made a few years ago, where they turned the numbers into numbers that just stick to your brains.

The Hreyfill also has anappyou can use to order a taxi, but I never use it, so I don't know if it's really the one. In Iceland, taxi drivers drive by the metre, and they take all common types of payment card. When you take a taxi from the airports, you have a fixed rate for it and also when you leave the town.

More or less they are all available at the same price, so it doesn't really make any difference which company you call. Usually I use Hreyfill, but it's more a question of custom than an actual preference. What is it? Taxis in Iceland are also usually very good, and you don't have to be worried that they're going to get "lost" by mistake or drive around in a circle to cheat you.

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