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Ýstanbul taxi fares from Sahiba Gökçen airport. Ýstanbul taxi rates for any tourist who should know something. Like everywhere in the whole wide globe some taxi driver in Istanbul have several tips to outsmart unconscious people. One of the most frequent practices is to lengthen the journey by (huge) wasting time. Since you are not an Istanbulite, they are quite optimistic that you would not realize it - and you will not!

However, with this Istanbul taxi fare guide from Taksim and Sultanahmet to the most popular travel locations you are guaranteed to be paying the right taxi fare! If you get in the taxi, the taxi operator activates the measuring device. The fare is increased by approx. 2.5 TL per kilometre. When a taxi is catched in transit and does not move or have to queue on your account for more than 5 mins, 0.35 TL per min will be added.

Isn' that a shock fare? Find better ways to get from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to your accommodation! Please copy or copy this document before you leave for Istanbul. Maybe you can't search this site while you're in a taxi. The tariffs are guidelines calculated on the basis of trips I have made myself.

While they are accurate and up-to-date, the condition of the roads in Istanbul changes daily. Do not discuss with your drivers or call the local authorities unless the gauge shows a significant difference from the fare shown here. What can be done to detect and prevent frequent tourist fraud in Istanbul?

München Taxi Prices - Official Website for Munich

Their taxi tariff is the product of predetermined tariffs that are quite complex to compute. Rarely do you drive twice from point A to point to point D and spend exactly the same amount, as the wait period is also included in the calculations, whether or not it is due to transport. In order for you to be able to "estimate" how much a taxi trip in Munich will costs you anyway, we have put together some important information for you from the latest taxi statutes.

No matter how many passengers get into the taxi, the tariffs are calculated on the basis of a base tariff plus at least one tariff step or a wait plus supplements. Base price is 3,70 EUR. Odometer price is displayed on the basis of 0.20 EUR rates. For the direct journey from Munich Airport to the New Munich Trade Fair Centre or the other way round there is a lump sum of 63 EUR.

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