Luxury Private Jet Interior Design

Deluxe private jet interior design

This is the A-Z of the interior designers of private jets for VIP, corporate and head of state interiors worldwide. San Antonio, Texas. Think of handmade silk carpets, penthouse in the sky designs and glossy veneers.

New trends: Luxurious private jet interiors

Million of dollar can flow into the design of the latest private jet interior. Think of hand-made satin rugs, glossy porcelain fabrics, "penthouse in the sky" design. Recent developments are the best example of what is possible. At the end of the 12-person interior, the individually stitched grey patent leather seating with glossy seams and the grey compound oaken plywood finish with glossy charcoal fibre panels could be seen on all table tops and drink cages.

There was also a hand-made rug made of woolen and satin. Forbes Winch said they offered personalised decorations and accessoires while retaining a unified interior design in a Boeing Business Jet or Airbus Business Jet layout. Mercedes Benz can be one of the top brands in the luxury automotive world.

In the meantime, private jet interior spaces are part of the product family. Announcement of the alliance at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition 2015 (EBACE) in Geneva. At EBACE, the design presented showed the interior of the private jet, which resembles the luxury look and feeling of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class saloon. Airplane operators like to invest in the right business to take their new private jet interior design project to a new high.

How would your dreams of a private jet interior look like?

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Costly private jet - luxury aircraft Private jet seating is almost always convenient, padded armchairs," says Tivnan. "Says the seat is built modularly and can be changed on most aircraft. Ever hear of a private jet charters? In the near term, if you are planning a journey and have used the web to get familiar with your preparations, you may have done so.

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Within the burgeoning private jet design industries.

These are the transportation methods of choosing for the wealthy and celebrities and the attractiveness of private jet transportation is only growing. Others feature all the benefits of a super yacht in the sky, from large eating rooms and even gaming areas to tropic fishing tanks and families rooms.

Tour consultants have reported that the number of wealthy travellers between the age of 40 and 55 has jumped. This is because they enjoy travelling and want their kids to discover the whole wide variety of the planet. On its website Brabus Private Aviation explains: The number of available places, which forms the base for the division of the whole room in the cubicle, results from this.

Among the new technology being implemented are: In addition, the kitchen areas receive more design focus so that they are as attractive to look at as they are to function. You want to be able to travel within a classy environment. You want the sense of space, so you opt for a more open cab design; you don't want a plane with cramps.

You want a beautiful cab that matches your tastes and design preference. A lot of customers use their planes for commercial purposes, so the jet has to mirror the picture they want to convey to the rest of the family. Customers use their private jet to improve efficiency, but also to keep them entertained.

For private airplanes, much emphasis is placed on the design of the airplane seat. Many customers also want chairs that offer massaging functions. Material is also important for customers. Some customers want tailor-made satin carpets, the best leather, nice inlays, tailor-made light fittings and everything in the highest craftmanship.

Jean-Pierre Alfano, AirJet Designs Design's Executive Director, said: "Our customers want us to daydream, cross boundaries and be imaginative so we can make a truly stunning jet interior for them. Alfano told Private Air Magazine:

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