Star Alliance round the World Ticket

The Star Alliance around the world ticket

KrisFlyers Star Alliance Round The World Award Guidebook Do you know that for only 4,000 plus KrisFlyer mile from Singapore Airlines, you can travel around the world and stop in up to seven business class destinations instead of just returning to New York? For another 56,000 leagues, everything in First Class?

The KrisFlyer is Singapore Airlines' airline loyalty programme, and one of the best ways to use your mileage is to earn a Round The World (RTW) Award in Business Class or First Class with Singapore Airline and its Star Alliance partners. An RTW Award allows you to travel around the world, travel up to seven towns with up to 35,000 mileage over a 12-month timeframe and earn 240,000 KrisFlyer Business Class and 360,000 KrisFlyer First Class mileage.

What makes this distinction so inexpensive? For a similar trip with Singapore Airlines and Star Alliance members that has been purchased through a tour operator, an instant ticket in bar with Singapore Airlines and Star Alliance members starts at approximately $16,000 per passenger and rises to $26,000 in First Class. It is also less expensive than a one-way or one way reward redeem.

If, for example, you want to travel back from Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane to New York, the 236,000 KrisFlyer mileage in Business Class or 304,000 in First will take you. For an additional 4,000 Business Class or 56,000 First Class mileage, you can travel around the world! Let's be honest, 4,000 points won't even get you from Melbourne to Sydney in economy class, while 56,000 points will get you a business class location between Melbourne and Brisbane.

Do you prefer to spend two Australian or First Class flying lessons for these added mileage? However, if you only want to spend a vacation in Europe and the USA because an RTW is too large, please see our guidelines for maximizing KrisFlyer redemption through free or added-stops.

So why shouldn't I just use my mileage for Economy Class more? It is your absolute privilege to award your mileage at your discretion, and an Economy Class RTW Award will cost you 180,000 mile. Where can I collect KrisFlyer mileage? For Aussies, the big message is that KrisFlyer mileage can be collected relatively simply because it is a multiple card money carrier.

How does this encashment also hold true for velocities members? Responding to the tour guide's love for flying around the world with the 280,000 Qantas Points in Business Class winner of the one World Classic Awards, many Virgin Australia velocities reader asked us how they can use their velocities to make a similar payment around the world.

There is no RTW award for your own but you can earn your own points on KrisFlyer mileage at a rate of 1. 35 points = 1 KrisFlyer. This means that for members of Speed members, the discount in this guideline reduces you by 324,000 speed points in Business Class or 486,000 in First Class.

What airline can I use? More than 1330 flights to more than 190 nations in the Star Alliance global airline ecosystem of 27 partners, among them Singapore Airline, Air Canada, ANA, SAS and United. Business Class is the standard for all carriers, but only seven have First Class, in particular Air China, Air India, ANA, Asiana, Singapore Airlines, THAI and United.

I am omitting Lufthansa and SWISS from this mailing as they only issue First Class Awards 14 calendar days prior to take-off to their partner airline and you need to make more bookings in order to receive this distinction. Please also be aware that Air New Zealand has a reputation for low premium uptime. From March 2017, KrisFlyer will no longer charge mark-ups on premium withdrawals on Singapore Airlines-only services, but will no longer apply to RTW withdrawals as we will be merging with other Star Alliance carriers.

Where can I buy an RTW Awards? You can find more detail in our guidelines on how to most effectively look for an awardwinner. As with other redemption options, places are dependent on availabilities and there is a possibility that you may not be able to travel to the date you want, so you need to be flexibility.

It' s best to look for one plane after another as if it were a simple trip, e.g. Sydney to Singapore, Singapore to Tokyo, Tokyo to Toronto. Please be aware that in order to cash the bonus for RTW purposes, you must classify it as a Saver Award, since space available in the Advantage/Full Awards category cannot be posted under RTW.

Keep a notebook ready, because when you find the available flight, you need to give the information to the Singapore Airline Operator on the phone. Since not all agencies are aware of this honor, you may need to keep your hands through this proces. Additional pictures with kind permission of the airline companies. Taking a stopover to virtually continue your journey with your mileage is a great way to shift the limits of what you can achieve with your KrisFlyer credit, as the Star Alliance airline flies to a number of attractive destinations such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Milan.

Points & Miles Guides include up to 310,000 points with the Signature Credit Card.

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