Taxi Cab Fees

Cab fare

No taxi may carry more passengers than the vehicle is designed for the seat. Taxi rate of the fare in the taxi Standard rate is: 60 seconds when not in movement or travelling less than 6 mph. Taximeters combines break measurements of distances and times into a single price item. Fares comprise a forecast of the current accumulated units; the amount due may therefore contain a full standard fee for a last broken units.

NY State tax surcharge of $50 a pop. from John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport: Between Manhattan and JFK International Airport, the package price is $52.00 plus all toll charges using tariff code 2 on the counter. An NY State Tax Surcharge of $50 is charged for each journey.

In the event of multi-stop requests by travelers, the $52.00 lump sum will be charged at the first stop either in Manhattan or at JFK International Airport, and the counter will be enabled for the rest of the journey with tariff code 1 (Standard Urban Fare). At the last stop, the measured ticket price should be picked up by the last person.

JFK International Airport and other Manhattan locations in New York City other than Manhattan are operated at this fare. All journeys within New York City are subject to the payment of bridging and tunnelling charges to the final point of travel by the traveller, who will be notified prior to departure.

There are no fees payable on all journeys within New York City, except for Cross Bay Veterans, the Marine Parkway-Gil Hodges Memorial and the Verrazano Narrows Bridges. For journeys outside New York City, all necessary toll charges to and from the final point must be met by the customer. Out-of-City Travel A flat-rate tariff (a flat-rate tariff is a set amount determined between the rider and the passengers at the beginning of the journey) applies to travel outside New York City's borders, excluding Westchester or Nassau Districts or Newark Airport.

It will be agreed before the journey and it will be fed into the counter via the technological improvements or the TPEP system (if available) with tariff code 5. The amount shown on the taxi metre for a journey to Westchester or Nassau County is the amount charged at the default New York city rate within New York and double the measured Westchester or Nassau County part of the journey.

When the taxi is fitted with the T-PEP system, the measured fares are determined using the tariff code 4 when driving outside the town boundaries. The following applies to a journey to Newark Airport: The amount shown on the meter using tariff code 3, which involves a $17.50 supplement; and all necessary toll charges to and from the point of arrival must be met by the traveller.

The counter must be held in the record positon for the entire time of such a journey. From York Avenue on East 79th Street, group rides -- The price for excursions conducted on York Avenue and East 79th Street at the group ticket booth is as follows for each passenger: There is a taxi group control desk at the Marine Air and Delta Shuttle Terminal serving taxi groups between 7am and 10am and 4pm and 8pm, Monday to Friday.

Travelers shall be charged a lump sum of US$22 per passenger for two-passenger journeys or US$18 per passenger for three-passenger journeys for taxi journeys from the Booth to departure points limited by 54th Street to the North, 35th Street to the south, 8th Avenue to the West and 2nd Avenue to the east.

There is a taxi group control station on West 42nd Street and 8th Avenue serving between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. on workdays. With the new facility, two or more travellers would be able to purchase a $3.00 lump sum for taxi travel from the collection point to a departure point on the 59th Street and Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue).

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