Boeing Business Jet Price List

Business Jet Boeing Price List

The majority of our Boeing Business Jet aircraft for sale include the serial number of the aircraft, images, aircraft specifications and the aircraft price. In our directory you will find Boeing Business Jets for sale at dealers and private individuals. BBJ vs Airbus Business Jet d'Airbus Airbus Business Jet d'affaires acjes

Boeing and Airbus long-range business jets are the biggest privately owned jets on the air. The Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) is a Boeing and General Electric JV. The company distributes narrow-body Boeing 737s, as well as widebody Boeing 777s (200LR and 300ER), Boeing 787ss ( -8 and -9) and Boeing 747-8s, the latest extended versions of the legendary 747-Jumbo.

The Airbus Group offers Airbus Corporation Jet (ACJ) services. Our narrow-wall Airbus passenger planes are powered by the Airbus Airbus Airbus Airbus A320 familiy. Airbus widebody company jet airliners are powered by Airbus A330/A350/A380s. The Airbus and Boeing narrowbody planes can transport between 8 and 50 comfortable occupants and can be equipped with lounge, meeting rooms and bedroom facilities.

Aeroplanes are equipped with additional petrol tank to fly longer distances. This widebody plane can transport 25-50 passenger in passenger cabin and can be equipped with office, lounge, meeting rooms and bedroom. Certain parts of the aeroplane can be equipped with a tighter seat configuration so that large deployments can be transported.

Let's take a look at a comparative study of Boeing Business Jets and Airbus Corporate Jets. Boeing Business Jet charges reflect the 2015 US dollar price indicated by Boeing for the supply of currently installed jets. Similarly, the Airbus Corporate Jet charges are expressed as the Airbus 2015 Airbus median price in US dollars for the currently equipped Airbus.

Of course, the costs of customization can increase the price by dozens of million.

The Boeing increases the list price for aircraft by 4%.

The Boeing increased its list price for its airliners silently by 4.1%, the same date on which Airbus (Monday) - but without the trumpet of an announced date, as did Airbus. 737-700, which has been unpopular with clients for years, now ranks for 85.8 million dollars. MAX 7, which has not yet found trade on the marked, is listed for 96 million dollars.

he new 737 MAX 10 has a list price of $129.9 million. 767-300ER now has a list price of 209.8 million dollars. For several years this aircraft has not been in production, although last year it was speculated that a temporary restart would be necessary to bypass the American and British carriers.

The 777-200ER will continue to be listed as an offering by Boeing. Boeing no longer basically sells the aircraft, according to LNC, despite the list.

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