2015 Learjet for Sale

2015- Learjet for sale

In the following year, the first production model of the Learjet 23 was delivered and the company was renamed Lear Jet Corporation. Since July 2015, 11% of the active Lear 60s fleet has been available for resale. Learjet 75 for sale. Learjet 75 for sale.

Boombardier Learjet 60XR for sale 2008

One of the fastest running 60-XRs in the history of the planet, the 338 has a new 2016 paintwork and ESP Gold inscription. Featuring a very well-equipped 7-seater 7-seater genuine cowhide exterior, with high-gloss finishes that were superseded in 2015 and the 4000 cab entertaining system, the aircraft has a new look. Packed with all the choices you need, the Collins Pro Line 21 audiophile classroom will help you reach your goal safe and sound.

FA2100 Flight data recorder ?King KHF- Collins Datalink (with 3. VHF) Universal Weather Additional features Airshow 4000 with network pack 2 wireless satellite telephones in the cab / 1 corded dashboard handset Transceiver?Rockwell Twin videomonitors (fwd / aft) with disc players CD cradle / headset jacks on all seating 110v cab power connections Touchscreen cab mmgmt controller on all seating Pulselite detection and land light Tire inflation monitor CAMP Maintenance Track & trace Outdoor New colour New colour Pulselite detection and land light CAMP maintenance Outdoor track & trace New colour

Inside Seven (7) Passengers Inside Inside New high-gloss wood work in 2015 FWD Side Refreshment Centre / Aftersavatory throughout the FWD area.

Recommended aircraft - Bombardier Learjet 60 / 60XR

In the early 90s, the Learjet 60 was manufactured for a special purpose aircraft segment, as a personal aircraft capable of climbing quickly and achieving high cruising speeds at relatively low operating costs. From a technical point of view it is a derivation of the Learjet 55, which was launched at the beginning of the 80s. Then the Learjet 1960XR was manufactured with modernized avionics and a newly designed passenger compartment.

Since July 2015, 11% of the Lear 60' operating fleets have been available for re-sale. More than 16% of the Lear 60XR's current operating fleets are available for re-sale, including all 19 available on the open commercial auctions. One of the most stagnating segments in this class, this mid-sized aircraft saw 21 Lear 60 and 6 Hatt & Associates 60 retailing deals in the first two quarter of 2015 (AMSTAT Premier / Hatt & Associates Research).

Mean selling prices for the last six month are $2,346,000 for the '60s and $5,238,000 for the '60s. Launched in 1993 as the Model 60 Learjet, this plane resembles the original Bill Lear designs from a 1960' army coach in Switzerland.

Learjet 1960XR came as a derivatives plane which made its maiden voyage in 2006. It is the largest of all Learjet airliners and can accommodate seven or eight people, according to the dimensions of the sofa. This Learjet 60 is fitted with Pro Line 4 avionics and is driven by an Integrated Avionics Processing System (IAPS).

Learjet 60-XR is an enhanced model with Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 electronics. The Learjet 60 is also one of the most economical aircraft in the class; while other aircraft have gained ground in terms of cruising speeds, the Learjet 60 maintains a significant edge over other aircraft in terms of hourly combustion.

The airplane has proved itself in the middle range. The two Learjets are a reliable option for clients interested in mid-size model cars. Click here for a complete listing of the Learjet 60 / 1960XRs that Hatt & Associates has in its stock.

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