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Around the world flights

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Tickets around the world: Ultimate Guide

You' ve probably already seen ticket sales around the world, a one-stop-shop ticket sales method for cross-continental touring. Let us be honest, it has never been so easy to make your own airline reservations, and airline ticketing around the world is expensive. Why then do folks around the world buy a ticket and are they really good value for money?

When you are under pressure to make a seriously scheduled route with many stopovers internationally, it can be costly. But if you have a bizarre, price-conscious journey in mind, or if you focus on just one part of the world, there are less expensive choices you should be aware of (such as pricing yourself on Skyscanner on

So here you''ll find everything you need to know about ticketing around the world, followed by our unique Diamond Ticket Management solution that could help you get even more value for you! What are Round The World Ticket for? Round-the-world (RTW) ticket is a package of flights that allows you to travel to a number of locations around the world at a single cost.

Those fares are available from carriers such as SkyTeam, Oneworld and StarAlliance and all flights on your route must be operated by the carriers of the selected carrier. Around the world ticketing requires that you choose your destination and departures in advance. Please note that you may have to choose your destination and departures later. That means you pay the passport in advanced and reserve all your flights before your journey.

Each round of the world map is different and may be restricted, including: Just use the worldwide ticketing planner of the individual airlines, enter your preferred destination and the option and cost will be displayed automatic. Around the world, you can buy your fares directly from airlines or via your local agency.

Every Allianz provides an on-line travel calculator that allows you to enter any point on your travel plan and receive a quotation. You can also easily bypass the limitations of circumnavigating the world and warn you if your proposed routing does not work. You can book your flights on-line or call one of the airline companies directly.

Agencies can help you saving a great deal of your precious resources by not only reserving your flights, but also optimizing your route according to your needs and desires and optimizing your route to get the best possible prices. Around the world ticketing is still not very popular, so always select an agent that specialises in ticketing around the world so they can bypass the constraints and offer you the best value possible.

A round-the-world ticket's value will depend on the itinerary you choose and the degree of freedom you need. Most of the time, you'll find that it's less expensive, simpler and more convenient to make your own world tour booking on-line over multiple destinations using multi-destination aircraft scanners like and Skyscanner.

You don't have to bind your flying towns. This means that you can travel New York City to London, take a Roadtrip to Berlin and Berlin to Beijing. When it is less expensive to travel in a cycle between some parts of the world or to switch between plane and train, you are free to do so.

Explore the order and date of your flights to find the best rates. and Skyscanner are the two air travel scanners we suggest you use to book your own world tour ticket. Either includes low cost carriers, and both allow you to find multiple destinations so you can see fares for your whole route at once.

Skyscanner's main distinction between the two is that Skyscanner favours results from affiliate carriers, while always combines and matches carriers (including low cost carriers) at the lowest possible cost. Every reservation page can be advantageous according to your travel, so to get the best rate, check the results and obey these tips:

Try experimenting with the order of your goals at the best possible rate. Only because a plane is short doesn't mean it gets cheap. Try experimenting with the data of the individual flights. It can be timeconsuming, but if you are committed, you can save yourself hundred of dollar of your overall costs by just locating the most favorable data for each one.

Multicity and round-trip flights are often less expensive than many one-way flights if they can all be operated by the same airline/alliance. Virgin Atlantic, for example, offers flights from New York to London, London to Shanghai and Shanghai to New York, so that a multi-city reservation with this sole carrier is less expensive than several reservations with different carriers.

The Skyscanner company gives preference to airline partners who can provide the whole route that you have submitted, which does not always offer you the best prices on comprehensive routes. Instead of for example sending New York > London > Paris > Beijing > New York as a solo find, try sending New York > London > Paris > Paris as a solo find and Paris > Prague > Beijing > New York as a second find.

No need to be worried about that on, which always blends and brings together airline companies to get the best results. The DIY method is always less expensive in our testing, but it varies depending on the type of itinerary. Ticket prices around the world can range from 1,500 to 20,000 dollars.

Fares vary widely depending on your destination, number of flights, distances travelled, continent and airfare. However, on the other side, the normal fares can be found everywhere on the card, depending mainly on offer and request. In some cases, a continental trip may even be less expensive than a domestic trip.

We have always found it less expensive to book our own airline ticket because normal airline ticket prices contain low-cost carriers, sales and mistake rates and you can continue to benefit from discount with our partners. For example, let us find the best rate for the following world trip: Our plan is to leave in April and May, and we'll book in January now.

We will begin on Tuesday 10 April and plan each subsequent Tuesday outing. There is a $1,499 to $1,999 US$ promotional pricing band. Note that no data is given, so the precise prices for this period may vary. If we add the same route to each of the airlines that use the World Travel Planer alliance, we get the following sums:'s multi-city searching function allows us to type in our complete travel plan and within a few moments we have a wide range of choices from $1,390 - $1,434 US dollars. As we tried to include the whole travel path in Skyscanner's multi-destination scan, we .... got no results! Skyscanner usually only displays results from airline partners that can meet one full-fare ticketing requirement.

It' the least expensive way to beat for only $105. Skyscanner lets you sometimes combine carriers by using for the reservation. Although there are affiliate carriers that cover the remainder of the trip, Hong Kong Airways is an independently owned low cost carrier with competitively priced flights, so it was less expensive to buy the flights seperately to cover their fare.

This can be further enhanced by checking different data in your route and the order of your flights. Although it is not a round-the-world travel card in itself, this kind of passport might be more useful for your journey, whether you fly a great deal in a particular location or not.

If, for example, you plan to fly more flights around South America than over continent, you might be better off to invest in one of their local passports (read our guidelines here). A few samples of local air tickets are : An intermediate stop - i.e. a longer stay where you can depart the airports for 1 or more day or week - can be added to any journey for free or low cost, all by yourself.

In essence, you will find a fares that include a stopover, but instead of hurrying to your connection point, you are spending your time at the stopover point for a day or week and visit 2 points for the cost of 1 Whether you are traveling around the world or not, it is a great way to get more value out of your airfare.

So is a round-the-world trip really valuable? A number of factors may make it cheaper, and some travelers choose the simple option of booking all their travel in one go anyway. Though, the tight timings, many limitations and high prices are probably unattractive for those looking for a more economical solution, especially if it is so simple to sign up with and Skyscanner for less.

You ever use a round-the-world plane pass?

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