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The best moment to buy a plane ticket? You can get the best offer 47 and a half flights before the date of the trip.

Better buy your ticket earlier than later. As a rule, internal services are open for purchase 11 weeks before the date of your flight, so you have enough free travel to get places for your next holiday. But if you want to buy your ticket as soon as possible, here's a tip: just give it a few weeks.

On Wednesday, a survey published by, the on-line tourist office, revealed that the best home fare in 2014 was taken on 47 day prior to take-off on 24 October. CheapAir has pursued 15,000 stores where its clients enjoy living and traveling to reach this number. You noted that flight expenses in these marketplaces, tabs booking, were placed from 1 to 320 business day before a journey.

CheapAir had analysed 1.5 billion fares within a year, distributed over nearly 5 million journeys, and found that the purchase of a ticket at certain points in time can really be painful or help the bag. Be sure to buy your ticket naked 14 nights before your journey. The ticket prices are prone to increase with increasing proximity of departures, and compared to the minimum ticket within the sales windows, 14 day bookings costs an additional $111 on a daily basis.

When you buy within 7 working day, this differential increases to $174. Also CheapAir has found that it is possible to reserve your ticket too early. They found that the opening fare for a home trip is usually around $50 more than its final low. From a historical point of view, ticket prices have proved to be quite foreseeable.

Carriers raise prices when opening a ticket, sitting on these prices for a while and then introducing reduced ticket selling, so hopefully every place will be occupied by the date of departure. CheapAir's research has done the bottom of this series of trajectories, somewhere between 27 and 114 workingdays after a flight opened.

"In most cases, the best price for a home journey will eventually be quoted in this window," Klee said. By 2014, the low est-average price was 47 hours. Buying a ticket in the main season is dependent on a number of factors: location, season and dates of departure.

So, use the 48th tag as a guide, and if you need to bypass it, CheapAir recommends that you better buy your ticket first. You' ll never know exactly when a ticket has reached its cheapest cost, so you have no tunnels on your daily 47.

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