Charter Communications Customer Service Phone number

Customer Service Phone Number

Yacht Charter Communications - CLOSED - Local Services - 247B W Main St, Northboro, MA - Phone Number Honestly, I'm not a customer yet, so I can't judge the real value of your cable/internet. Which means I have no hesitation in exposing their totally corrupt customer service practice. Last night I talked to a sales rep to register for the web service in my new flat.

When I asked the sales agent if there were any promotional offers available at the moment to get the best possible deal, I asked him. as her only recent promotional campaign for the base web (without fashion/router rental, increased speeds, etc.). I took him at his word to accept and plan an install. So begins the story of suffering: - Later that evening, on the Internet:

See the advert in huge, fat, colored characters, $24. 99 for simple web. Almost half the prize for the "promotion" the agent gave me. - On the phone, I call the representative's office to find out what a blunt falsehood was telling me (in better words, of course). They confirm that the action is available, but they have no power to switch me to this prize.

< 1, FOR SALE! - The sale also confirmed the much lower -priced promotional campaign, but said it was a pure on-line offering, and it couldn't give it to me at all: All I can do is get it on-line, and I need to replan my install. 2 TRANSFERRED TO THE NET! - An internet promotional campaign is fine with my email adress, but instead of registering myself on-line, I get the same email every times I visit the promotional page for my email adress:

" It does this using 3 different machines and the same number of unambiguous web browser. 3 TO THE OUR ON-LINE REPRESENTATIVE! - On line chats again confirm that the service is available, but I can't reach it on-line, only by phone. Apparently, the reduction of my rate to their own promoted bid would be seen as a 'downgrade' of a customer, and he must not do that.

4. TAKE A TOGETHER TO TOGETHER. - She says that I'm NOT a customer, so she can't help me at all. I still love the inconsistencies (the last one said she couldn't lower any clients, now I'm not even a client? Really?), I try to reason, but she says that the sale must treat me, and forwards my call.

TRANSMISSION 5, ON THE TURNOVER (AGAIN)! - I am now, after a few moments of nice charter advertising and soothing, painful lift sound, forwarded to... a voicemail. That will continue to let me know that the sale department. Humours are over, so please call back later, and then end the conversation.

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