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A pilot job exchange, a pro-pilot forum, a pilot career and pilot employment. Generally, it is usually cheaper to rent a plane than to own one. This is the right contact for the recruitment of pilots in the flight departments of companies all over the world. In the following you will find pilots who can be hired and who have current evaluations of the aircraft. Enter your qualifications and a short pilot history.

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Find and submit applications for pilot projects while your employer is looking for you. and we do it well. Not only has this website help me keep a full-time position, it has also enabled me to work under contracts. I have been in full-time, fixed-term and contractual roles since I joined the company. I am always looking for the next career as a contracted pilot.

This pilot seems to deliver the information customers are looking for in a form they can use. Best part about the website is the possibility to view actual job with a certain keyword. Our customers also benefit from our outstanding level of after sales service. Your exposition to your profiles from prospective recruiters is something that cannot be replicated.

Our vacancies and our face-to-face client services are first class. Airline flyers can be better rewarded, but there are also other pilot tasks that can be more fulfilled or funnier. Take a look at these great pilot projects you should consider! Find and submit applications for pilot projects while your employer is looking for you.

and we do it well.

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This is the right contact for the recruitment of pilot in the flying department of companies all over the globe. In the following you will find a list of pilot who can be hired and who have up-to-date evaluations of the aircrafts. In order to display the pilot's airfoil, just click on the pilot's name. Pilot have reached agreement that in the last 24 month they have either met the requirements of parts 91, 121 or 135 with regard to education.

The list contains only public profile flyers. Take on a pilot today!

Professional pilot vs. charter pilot

Everybody knows what a pilot is, but not many realize the differences between a professional pilot and a privately chartered pilot - what each is skilled to do, what his different tasks involve and what a common timetable is for each individual. So whether you want to be a pilot or just want to know the differences, here's how it works for you.

{\pos (192,210)}What's a business pilot? Two different kinds of pilot have a business evaluation, including business airliner pilot and business charters pilot. Pilot companies and professional airliners fly aeroplanes, helidecks and other aircrafts. Pilot companies of air carriers primarily work for air carriers, where they are in charge of the transport of people between destinations on a set timetable.

Whereas corporate charters allow airplanes to operate for other purposes such as emergency services and charters. In spite of all considerations, professional as well as charters pilot do more than just bring passenger safety to their destination. Professional flyers working for airlines usually have more tasks outside of air traffic, such as maintaining the plane and baggage handling, to maintain balance.

It is important to know that it can be costly to become a professional pilot, and that it takes a great deal of work and dedication to make it to the carriers. According to how the pilot chooses to be trained, the end cost of a business licence varies. Entering an air carrier is subject to the principle of seniorship, i.e. new passengers are given a less attractive timetable and fare.

Initially, new planes can earn less than $30,000 a year. In comparison to a business pilot, a privately chartered pilot has more flexible schedules. Even though these pilot have to pilot the passenger as a convenience, most of their flight takes place in full light and is usually quite brief so the pilot can go home to his home at the end of the workday.

Young drivers have to complete 40 - 50 rides with the particular plane for which they want to work out. It can be tricky to provide instruction, and even after completing the course, pilot licences may be refused by the operator. You should reckon on paying about $9,000 for a Privat Pilot licence.

You will also need to purchase an evaluation tool, a business licence and an ATP licence. Overall costs for the workout amount to around 30,000 dollars. Even though a professional pilot could earn more in the long run, a privately owned pilot will compensate through a variable timetable. Your dreams are to visit the outside worlds and stay at home for a short period of your life, then professional pilot education might be the right way for you.

But if a short excursion and a break is more your way of life, then perhaps you will find your lucky place in the flight deck of a privately chartered aircraft. Timetable that is free 4 working and 3 working nights per weeks for full-time drivers, or that matches your preferred flexitime pilot timetable.

Pleasure to be part of a crew of extraordinary flyers who are transforming the aerospace industry. Applications are designed for full-time and flexitime pilotage. Flight attendants are allocated full-time 4 day a week departures from an airport in their area. It is anticipated that flexible pilot will be available at least 24 working day per trimester.

Currently, job application for pilot for work in Eastern USA is being received. The training will take place in Atlanta, GA, before returning to work at home.

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